Live-ish From Idaho… No Taters, Just Cool Classic Boats.

Roving Woody Boater Texx is at it again, this time at The Payette Lake 2009 Antique & Classic Boat Show. These Two Shots are from the hotel website… Not the show.. just in case you thought the show was in the late 50’s… Or Texx had gone back in time… mmmmmmm? Maybe another time… Now on with the show!

Attending the 2009 Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show presented by The Payette Lake Chapter ACBS was like taking a step back in time. The Payette Lake (located in McCall, Idaho – 2.0 hours north of Boise) and the Shore Lodge are rich with boating history. The Shore Lodge, which was established in 1948 is a beautiful classic lakeside resort, and once again hosted this year’s boat show. It is a perfect venue for a wooden / classic boat show. (OK ….. somebody start up the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing!)
Payette Lake Chapter President / Dockmaster Jim Winslow and his team of volunteer’s worked long and hard to once again make this show a success. Jim Winslow is also the owner of Classic Boat Sales and Restoration in McCall, Idaho for over 20 years. Along side Jim is Trey Knipe, the owner of “RAINMAKER”.
Prior to the show the chapter organized a great land display along the highway which included “RAINMAKER” a 1949 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout and “ARIES” a 1941 19′ Chris-Craft Custom Barrel Back owned by Rich and Mary Hormaechea.
Don Hardy (the Owner of McCall Boatworks) included “MISS PAYETTE” a 2001 Garwood Replica Speedster 16′ with the land display.
After a long winter of storage, Rex Lytle had to shake the cobweb’s off his beautiful 1961 Chris-Craft Continental. Once they got her started, she ran great all weekend.
Todd Ketlinskiate brought out his mint original 1960’s Bell Boy Ballerina runabout for everyone to enjoy. He also has and uses the mint original Tee Nee Trailer that came with the boat. (see WoodyBoater Thursday)
According to the locals, the marina in McCall (just across the lake from the lodge) was a long time Century Dealer going back as far as the 1940’s, which may be why 12 of the 40 boats at this year’s show were Century’s. A great example of an early Wooden Century is this 1952 18′ Sea Maid “UNCLE FESTER” owned by Tom Barton.
A great original 1966 Century Sabre “007”.
“VELOCE” made a rare appearance at this year’s show. The 1948 23.5 ft Ventnor Custom Deluxe has twin Grey Marine Fireball 6’s and is always a crowd pleaser. She was originally manufactured in Ventnor, New Jersey and later restored by the Resort Boat Shop in Post Falls, Idaho.
“JEFE” is a 2009 34′ CDA Resort Boat Shop Custom owned by Jerry Gilbreath, powered by twin 400 HP V8’s.
The Holm – Watson Families brought down their 1947 Chris-Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser for the weekend.
“PANACEA” is a 1948 Western Fairliner Cruiser and is one of the last plank hulled boats produced by the Western Fairliner Boat Company in Tacoma, Washington. She was transported from the Puget Sound to Payette Lake in 2006 by her current owner’s, Scott & Sandie – Eric & Lori Anderson.
“MISS PAYETTE” returning from the Saturday afternoon boat parade with a few young woody boaters on board.
BK Powell, Past President of the Inland Empire Chapter (right)and Dana Gauston (center) made the trip down from Northern Idaho to attend the show, on the dock visiting with Don Hardy. Don Hardy and his wife Molly are very involved with the local ACBS Chapter and were busy helping out with the boat show throughout the weekend.
These local boat shows are fun to attend, lots of great stories, lots of great people, and of course lots of beautiful boats.
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Very nice report, Texx, Thanks for the great photos and comments. It's espceially good to see that some folks were at a cool boat show on a cool lake and on a cool August day. Jackets in August? Cool!


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great stuff texx! Looks like you and MOST of the attendees had an absolutly wonderful time. This is the greatest venue a wood boat owner can find in the northwest and is extreamly well orchastrated from start to finish! The Payette Lakes Chapter is really looking forward to hosting a regional show in 2011 – hope woodyboater will come again and bring all your friends!

  3. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    The 1948 23′ Ventnor in this article… I believe this is one that was on our lake (Conneaut Lake, PA)… Originally purchase by Guy & Mary Gully of Ferrell, PA. The Gullys Had a number of cool boats over the years..

    A 1930s Garwood speedsteer, a 1946 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout 17′, a 1947 Ventnor 20′ Sport Runabout, a 1948 Ventnor 23′ Sport Runabout, And a 1955 Chris Craft 21′ Cobra…. All of these boats were bought new and used on Conneaut Lake… We know where the Cobra, 20’Ventnor, and the 1946 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout is… We knew that the 23′ went out to Washington or Oregon many years ago… I last saw that boat when un-restored in the 1980s… A friend had it but could not afford to have it restored… One note the Ventnor Decal is not very close to the original… I have a photo of the original on that boat…

    The actual should look like the one on “Sazaam”

    It can be seen here

    The boat looks 1000 times better than it did the last time I saw it…

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