Live-ish From Keels And Wheels 2016

Keels 2016-9

Geet’n ready for some Texas fun

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Craig Stanfield who was kind enough to send in some quick phone photos from the 2016 keels and Wheels event in Houston. This annual event is a huge fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Harbor

Keels 2106

Eating some Texas goodness

Some of the gang is there keeping the classic boat community alive in a Sea of amazing cars. Hence the name. Keels and Wheels. Long time fellow Woody Boater Terry Fiest is the chief judge. The Antique Boat Center is also there with there amazing show boat and trailer.

Keels 2016-1

The Antique Boat Center racer Rob Lyons reports in 83 boats at the show. No boats sank and no one pissed off with the judges.

Best in Class Marque Racer!!! Restored by The Antique Boat Center

Keels 2016-10

A fantastic group of volunteers make this a very well run event

keels 2016-12

Some old classic plastic

Keels 2016-5

Love me an Imperial

Keels 2016-6

Headed out to Lake Taylor

keels 2016-8

I dont think the mini van is part of the show, but that Benz sure is sweet.

Keels 2016 -4

There sure are alot of poles and wires around some cool Centurys

keels 2016 2

Its like we are all there… in an out of focus way! Ha, all kidding aside, thanks to Craig for thinking of us and sending in some shots.

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  1. Dan.T
    Dan.T says:

    Sadly in 1980 I had to sell my 1956 Mercedes 190 SL, white with original red leather and rare steel removable hard top for six grand. Needed the money for stupid stuff like food and clothes for the kids and power tools to start my business. I miss that car, but I still have the wife, kids, and business. Oh, and old boats! It all worked out.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks Wilson, as Rob stated there were 83 boats there, he may send some in a report. This was what we got.

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:


      83 boats out there is a pretty good turnout…It’s the cars that seem to turn out in numbers….and most of those pretty high end. All in all, it is a great show…Paul Merriman and Bob Fuller do a great job of putting that show on year after year. The fact that Paul and Terry have become traveling buddies and he’s now plugged in doesn’t hurt.

  3. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    Good job Craig. Houston, home of Thoroughbreds! Wilson, Jacob sold that Trumpy but the new owner outta show it! Where’s the Yellow Jackets? Finally, nice drive by photo shooting; not nearly as photogenic as that Wolfe Coronado photo made into a picture puzzle and magazine cover shot. Tex Stanfield you getting “old”?

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Tommy:…Thanks for the update…I didn’t realize he sold it. It was a gorgeous boat.. and agree it would be nice for the current owner to show it unless they moved it to a distant area far off.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    After seeing Chev’y little red corvette ad honoring Prince, I’m wondering if he didn’t also own or sing about a classic boat ??

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