Live-ish From Lake Okoboji.

SEXY! Dock Shot, two words I thought would never go together, and yet!

Huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater Gary Viser for sending in his report from Lake Okoboji. I could go on and on about how to say Okoboji, but I don’t even know. I know its a Lake with a ton of history and been a playground for WoodyBoaters for a bazillion years.

See? Playground!


Babes on skis. Love the color combo. Not something I would pick, which is why I love it. Feels dead nuts on. Right Mr B?

Sweet Dash

Oh! I know this boat! We need more young people.. All hail The Duchess…II


Who’s a good? Boy? Girl? I am going with.. Girl.. Final Answer


Century, Park, People, Water. Okay thats it.

All hail, oh hell, I have no idea what is going on here. Oh I know, yoga, but? Ya didnt see this coming did ya?

Blonde and well.. Red Mahogany perfection

Oh hell ya!

Still the most attractive boat ever made. There isnt a part of these designs that isnt breath taking. Okay, maybe the old rings

Fantastic neme. We need to talk fonts again..mmmm?

Winner of the Best Windshield wiper blade award. Wait.. I love that award..  Wipe out the competition? Clean Up at the awards show?

Okay, its a Gary Viser photo of a viser. That is so deep.

That is one hell of a whatever it is, I now want one, as soon as I know why I need it


Those Sexy Skis again!

Family is what we are all about. That and Reed & Prince screws, maybe some varnish, ya.. okay maybe chrome.. Okay and….

Okay we need to go to Iowa and have a font presentation.


Love your Johnson!

Another day, wasted doing nothing productive.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great photos of a lot of beautiful boats in Iowa. Thanks for sharing the event with WoodyBoaterville.
    So now does the Michigan gang have to include yoga at our shows?

  2. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    Wonderful pictures. I agree with you Matt, I fell for the design the first time I saw it.. now I have one. Yes, fonts really make the point. Getting out there.

  3. gary visser
    gary visser says:

    Thanks for putting up the photos! All taken very early in the day before the crowds showed up and every square inch of docks was choked with spectators. The show is at historic Arnolds Park with her wooden roller coaster running by and a huge Corvette shows steps away. It was cool to have the “old corvette guys” walking the docks talking antique engines and admiring the big block Century’s. Lots of kids helping prep the boats and grandparents talking about old boats and memories from the docks. The yoga? I have no idea but just seemed a perfect addition to a beautiful lake, park and dozens of families on wooden boats. Always amazing to see folks who will hitch up and come from states away to help support a show and help everyone enjoy the boats.

  4. Old Seabee
    Old Seabee says:

    WOW! Double your pleasure, double your fun. Corvettes and wooden boats. Wish I could have been there to enjoy it.

  5. Mercstun Howell
    Mercstun Howell says:

    Looks like a great day….. kind of hard to put the best of show trophy anywhere besides next to the Sea Maid though. What a looker 🏆

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Love that Steelcraft sedan, but look, there’s a 25′ CC raised deck triple, and that barrelback, and, oh, that Continental, and oh yoga pants. What more could you ask for? Chicken on a stick?

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