Live-ish From Monaco Classic Week 2013 – La Belle Classe On The French Riviera

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Monaco 1
Today we are taking a quick trip to the Principality of Monaco on the French Riviera for Monaco Classic Week 2013 – courtesy of fellow Woody Boater Marty Feletto. Held biennially, Monaco Classic Week is a week-long festival held at sea and on shore from September 11-15 which features a series of events celebrating Monaco’s rich maritime history. – Texx


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From the Monaco Yacht Club websiteOrganized by the Yacht Club de Monaco from 11-15 September 2013, Monaco Classic Week – La Belle Classe reflects Monaco’s unwavering attachment to the sea and its maritime heritage.

The Principality of Monaco enjoys a historic legitimacy when it comes to top level nautical events; from the first sailing regattas held here in 1862, to the motorboat meetings of the early 20th century and, from 1904, the races, presentations, trials and performances of the early combustion engines which attracted Europe’s elite from industry and the aristocracy. They brought Monaco into a privileged circle of maritime nations, making it a regular port of call for the world’s biggest yachts.

Monaco 12

A group of wooden classics on hand for the big boat show in Monaco.

Armed with their iPhone cameras, Marty and his girlfriend Debbie snapped these photos from Monaco as the boats arrived for the big show and as the event got under way. They then e-mailed the photos to us from their favorite bar in Monaco which had good WiFi service – as they enjoyed a cold drink (or two).

Monaco 13

Always something different to discover in this part of the world.

Marty noted in his e-mail – Texx, Monaco Classics Week is a big deal over here, mostly vintage sailboats – some huge. Probably more wood in this harbor than anywhere in the world this weekend if you consider the sailboats. Lots of Rivas and others as I noted – mostly RHS (Riva Historical Society) members. Some Chris-Crafts including a small Cobra, lots of big old sail boats. Just a nutso Monaco harbor with an assortment of everything including about 30 – 300′ mega yachts.

I am here using a friends Aquariva out of Monaco Boat Service, but not officially part of the event. We have spent time here in Monaco with Lia Riva, Carlo Riva’s daughter, and others which is always a wonderful experience.

Then we are leaving on Saturday to go up to R.A.M. in Sarnico (Revisione Assistenza Motoscafi) and play in Ron’s Ariston. (Also check out the impressive R.A.M. Sarnico website – Texx)

Monaco 6

Some of the classic boats arrived with unique trailers.

Monaco 14

Here’s the same boat and trailer from the front with the cover removed, c/w twin spare tires – parked next to classic Chris-Craft Sea Skiff.

Monaco 16

Monaco 20

Marty even spotted a white sided Chris-Craft U-22 on display, which is one of our favorite classic boats here at Woody Boater.

Monaco 4

The elegant, modern 33′ Aquariva. Man would it be fun to cruise around the Mediterranean in that big Aquariva for a few days. – Texx

Monaco 3

Marty’s girlfriend Debbie enjoying the Monaco sunshine and the spectacular view of Monaco from the harbor.

Marty Feletto is a master of finding cool old wooden boats, and he is always on the lookout for them. It’s almost like he has some kind of “wooden boat spidey sense” that kicks in just at the right time. In this shot, you can see he is on to something good….

Marty in Monaco

This is actually from my girlfriend Debbie who wanted you to have a picture of me looking cool in Monaco – Marty.

And all of a sudden, as Marty’s “spidey sense” is on full alert, a big triple appears on the horizon… (Don’t forget that you can click on the photos to enlarge them – Texx)

Monaco 9
It was a 1984 replica of 1935 30′ Morgan Hacker triple cockpit runabout – The name on the transom was “Miss Nancy” from Pt. Pleasant, NJ. It’s always great to see a big triple anywhere, and fun to see one in service at Monaco.

Monaco 10

Monaco 11
Wooden boats of all sizes, shapes and styles were on hand for Monaco Classic Week 2013, quite a contrast to the modern boats in the Monaco harbor.

Monaco 15

Monaco 5

As Marty & Debbie were cruising around the Monaco harbor they couldn’t help but notice the Ocean Pearl Super Yacht that was there. They snapped a few shots of this radically designed yacht. To learn more about Ocean Pearl you can check out the great story on or even charter her if you feel the need for some first class luxury cruising in the Mediterranean.

Monaco 7

Monaco 8

Monaco 2
Special thanks to Marty & Debbie for taking the time to share some great photos from their visit to Monaco with us today, and give us a glimpse into yet another side of the classic boating lifestyle from a different part of the world.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I tell people that many contemporary boats look like space ships. The Ocean Pearl takes that design element to a whole new level. What were they thinking!

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    The radical design elements are certainly different Greg. Hard to find the right words to describe it.

    I wonder what Jim Staib would say, he usually finds the right words…

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I don’t mind modern at all, and in fact tend to respect things that have at least some element of actual design and ingenuity in them (whether I care for the aesthetic or not), but that thing is just hideous.

    I am surprised to see so many of our “woodies” over there, and totally shocked to see a humble Sea Skiff! Priest Lake will have something in common with Monaco today! Thanks Marty!

  4. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:


    Thanks for sharing. Yes you look cool but Debby’s looks good too. I guess this means you won’t be in Coeur d’ Alene this week.

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Thanks for the great report.

      Is that one th the 19 Chris-Craft 16-foot Hydroplanes in the group shot? I have a pair of correct windshield brackets that may help it look more historic (if the post- WWII ones will fit).

  5. Texx
    Texx says:

    Back here, over the last few days we had a fun debate trying to decided if the big triple in Marty’s story was actually a Hackercraft or a Morgan Hacker. We finally decided to go with Morgan Hacker.

    A while ago I received this e-mail from Marty, now in Lake Como, Italy…

    Texx, Just picked up the story. Great job!! Tried to post but could not for some reason. 2 comments:

    1. – Further research confirms that it’s a 1985 Replica of a 1935 30′ Morgan Hacker.

    2. – And that yacht is really ugly.

    Thanks from rainy Lake Como. – Marty

  6. brian t
    brian t says:

    My guess is that is has something to do with the actual city of Brest, France or…..

    Brest, Belarus in which the name of the city comes from the Slavic root “beresta” meaning birch and bark and the Slavic root “berest” meaning elm…

    So maybe the owner is Belarusian and the play on words has to do with wood and of course the uh, um, close word cousin in English.

    In any event, I would bet that the owner has a pretty darn good command of the English language.

  7. brian t
    brian t says:

    Oh, and about Ocean Pearl – I can say from a design standpoint it is very unique and stunning. With open cabins and balconies yet somewhat hidden from the view (with those slats) of any snooping paparazzi, I bet to be on board is a treat.

    And the multi-deck sloping stern which would allow for all aboard to participate in the water activities while at rest must – just wow.

    However, with regards to the eternal battle between form and function, function lost the war as it must be an absolute nightmare to pilot the darn thing. How one can see past those two flying buttresses going towards the bow point is beyond me.

  8. Gene porter
    Gene porter says:

    Thanks Marty
    Great post. Too bad you found no Lymans but the U22 white sides was a nice touch

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