Live-ish From Sandpoint Idaho – With Actual Captions.

Best Shirt Award goes to Ike and Brenda Kielgass 1948 20′ Chris Craft Custom!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Wes Yandt for sending in this report from the great state of Idaho. The state known for Napoleon Dynamite, Shoshone Falls, The Niagara Falls of the west, and ..well, we all know the elephant in the room! One hell of a fantastic location for a Classic Boat Show. Yes. What? Really, you’re gonna make me say Taters aren’t you? Well, I am not, because that’s stereotyping. So just sit back and enjoy The report from Wes from out West!  Oh, wait one second. Do we have a new handle for Wes? Hell Wes!

Best Prewar Utility- “Patriot” Bill and Gia Cosbie 1939 22′ Chris Craft Utility

The 15 Annual Sandpoint Antique and Classic Boat Show was held this last weekend in beautiful Northern Idaho.  The residents of Sandpoint Idaho welcomed the Inland Empire ACBS again this year and the crowds came out in force.  The weather was perfect and the boats were gorgeous.  Boat Show Chairman BK Powell had all systems in order for the show.

Chris Craft Stewardship Award- “Shady Lady” Tim and Deb Salt 1955 22′ Chris Craft Sedan Continental

The judging staff had their work cut out for them as there were many worthy boats on the docks in each of the 19 judged categories.  Some of the notable winners were:

Most Original- “Sentimental Journey” Dick and Kristen Winn 1955 20′ Century Coronado

Best Century- No Name John Tyler 1962 21′ Century Coronado

Best Postwar Runabout- “Me Too” Buzz and Michele Larson 1953 19′ Chris Craft Racing Runabout – Also best blue fender award.

Best Nonprofessional Restoration- “Ponzi Scene” Frank Gruden 1949 22′ Sedan Chris Craft

Best Nonwood- “Ciel” Rich and Tom Coleman 1967 19′ Century Resorter

Best Postwar Utility- “Golden Days” Mitch and Tracy Johnson 1967 21′ Thompson Offshore

Best Prewar Runabout- “Scoundrel” Dan and Carol Albanese 1936 22′ GarWood Triple Cockpit Runabout

Skipper’s Choice- “At Last” Daryl and Carolyn Reynolds 1936 19′ Chris Craft Runabout

Best in show and best T shirt winner -Best of Show- “Nameless” Ike and Brenda Kielgass 1948 20′ Chris Craft Custom

Work it Ike.. Ya! treat it like it floats! YOU IKE ARE TRUE WOODYBOATER MATERIAL!

The Judges had some help from kids attending a local camp for children and teens with diabetes called Camp Stix who choose “Bahama Mama” as their favorite boat in the show.

Youth Judging Award “Bahama Mama” Peter and Anne Wagstaff 1963 25’ Lyman Sleeper

It’s a “W”hat “T”he Heck -1

Judges table, and judging from the photo. Eyes closed and suds, the awards were, well. Judged. Not well judged. Just judged. HA, just kidding.. I think!

Okay, in this Terry Lee painting we have a nice boat. Yes dear, can we zip it up a bit.. Mmm How about a bear and some moose. That’s nice, No they are in the boat. OH! And there is how it happens. Fun painting. All Kidding aside. As a side note local wildlife artist Terry Lee, painted a beautiful 3’ x 5’ oil painting for the 2017 Sandpoint Antique and Classic Boat Show and donated his work to our chapter.  The IEACBS auctioned the work off at the banquet dinner and will donate all the proceeds to Camp Stix.  That is what we call a Win-Win-Win up here in the great Pacific Northwest.

Thanks West from the West for a fun report from Idaho!

Link to Terry Lee’s web site
Link to Camp Stix
And of course the Inland Empire ACBS site HERE

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  1. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    Thanks, Matt, for including this report by Wes. The Sandpoint show on beautiful lake Pend Oreille is always a mid summer highlight in the N. Idaho woody boat world.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Great pictures, thanks for the story. About that WTF. I mean WT-1 boat is it a tri-hull? Where’s the pointy end so you know forward from reverse?

  3. BK
    BK says:

    Thanks Wes for all the great pics and all that you and Ron do for the Show. As for a new handle for Wes how about” “The Wild, Wild Wes” or “Go Wes young man” or “There’s no less with Wes”
    ‘Boat on’

  4. Bob R
    Bob R says:

    Great show, sorry I missed it this year, mechanical issues slowed me down, I’m going to try for next year

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