Live-ish From St. Michaels Maryland Classic Boat Show

David and his trusty Sea Skiff

Biggest Balls Reporter David Konick reports in from St Michaels all weekend.This is the show to go to in the Mid Atlantic area. Tons of very high quality boats, but so far from this shot, the throngs of boats all look like old sea tan skiffs! Which is odd since this year they are featuring Silver Arrows, not tan skiffs.. You can find out more about the Chesapeake Chapter of the ACBS Right Here. You may recall David from his insane 35 mile out in the ocean adventures chasing Tuna in his beautiful trusty Sea Skiff. To us here at Woody Boater this is what its all about. Using your classic boat to its fullest. So its great to have a chance to see what his boat is all about on land and close up. This may be your only chance to do so, cause I bet 5 seconds after the show that sucker is in the drink and motoring out looking for Blues and Rock! Stay tuned for more updates from St Michaels ..and don’t forget.. 7 DAYS TIL  ALGONAC!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Mike Williams may be at the show this weekend with his wife Karen. Although they don’t own a boat Mike is the one who proclaimed WoodyBoater the Center of the Universe. Possible someone could give them a ride? As for David, I’m definitely a big fan after reading about him. Tight lines and calm seas my friend.

  2. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Last weekend, from the west coast, featured a great South Coast lapstrake – Wicked Wahine. Now this weekend, from the east coast, David’s terrific CC Sea Skiff is on display. Coast-to-Coast lapstrakes! I do not see a name on David’s classic – maybe Wicked Tuna?

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Sending out the love for lapstrake… good looks and awesome seaworthiness with a soft ride. Stay wet my friends.

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