Live-ish From The 10th Annual Classic Boat Festival At Sandpoint, Idaho – Saturday


On Saturday Paul & Karen Harrison called us here at Woody Boater HQ to say that the sun was shining bright and the weather was perfect in Northern Idaho for the 10th Annual Classic Boat Festival at Sandpoint.

Here is fellow Woody Boater Karen Harrison’s Live-ish Report from Saturday…

There were 44 antique & classic boats on hand for the show and once again this year, the crowds were out in full force at the Sandpoint Marina to smell some varnish, visit the exhibits and take in the boat show.

This spectator and his dog had the best view of the show from his paddleboard.

Below is big “Uncle Bob”, a 1963 20ft Yandt Utility with a Ford V8 Interceptor, owned by Ron, Wes, Jane and Sue Yandt from Spokane Valley. Ron was Bob Yandt’s Nephew and Wes is Ron’s Son. Bob Yandt was a local boat builder in the Coeur D’Alene area, where he built race boats and water taxis. “Uncle Bob” won both Skippers Choice and Best of Show at this year’s Sandpoint show. Congratulations to the Yandt’s and of course “Uncle Bob” – That’s quite an accomplishment!

Darryl Onia and Kerri Bailey from good ole Calgary, Alberta, Canada brought down their very sharp 1956 14 ft Aristo Craft Outboard to this year’s show.

Below is a centre-steer 1958 12 ft Penn Yan Swift Outboard. A very nice example owned by Phil & Linda Currie. Just ahead of the Penn Yan is “Shady Lady” a 1955 22′ Chris Craft Continental Hard Top owned by Tim and Deb Salt from Whitefish, Montana. “Shady Lady” won the award for Best Runabout this year. (Ya – It’s got a Hemi – Texx)

The unique boat below is “Dottie”, a 1936 16ft Chris-Craft Utility owned by Kathy and Brian Fair from Spokane, WA. Kathy’s father, having only used “Dottie” once and then in the midst of restoring the boat himself, passed away suddenly in 2006. In honor of her Dad, Kathy had the restoration completed with a very notable nod to her father’s Norwegian heritage. The boat is quite rare, as it was near the bottom of the Chris-Craft line, and it features a centre mounted steering wheel. The completion of the boat is a very touching tribute to her father and it won Skippers’ Choice when it debuted last year.

Below is two big cruisers; a 1956 30ft Chris Craft Sea Skiff with 2 Mazda Rotary Engines (very unique, and very smooth and quiet) owned by Pierre & Kathleen Bordenave from Sandpoint; and a 1953 34ft Chris Craft Cruiser owned by Bill & Sue Kohut from Vancouver, Washington.

There was a nice cross section of antique & classic boats at the show this year, something for everybody.

Below is a beautiful 1948 17 ft Chris Craft Runabout Deluxe, restored by the owner Bill Schneck from Spokane, WA in one year (just finished yesterday). The Pheasant inside his boat is his mascot Chris. We voted for this one on our Skipper’s choice ballot.

Here are the class winners from the 10th Annual Classic Boat Festival at Sandpoint.

Best Engine Compartment – “Killer” a 19ft 1942 Chris-Craft Custom Runabout owned by Steve & Linda Zwarg

Best Outboard – “The Flyer” a 14 ft 2010 replica of a 1930 Bruce Cardall owned by Doug & Roberta Brooke.

Best Century – “Rob Your Dough 4” a 21 ft 1958 Century Coronado Utility owned by Tom & Betty Robideaux.

Best Utility – “End of the Line” a 22.5 ft 1946 Gar Wood Sedan owned by Paul & Karen Harrison.

Best Runabout – “Shady Lady” a 22 ft 1955 Chris-Craft Continental owned by Tim and Deb Salt.

Best Non-Professional Restoration – “Vanna Mae” a 24 ft 2011 Hamilcraft Lake Launch owned by Denny & Sue Hamilton.

People’s Choice – “Vanna Mae”

Skipper’s Choice – “Uncle Bob” a 20 ft 1963 Yandt Utility owned by Ron, Wes, Jane and Sue Yandt.

Best of Show – ” Uncle Bob”

Youth Judging: for Horn, Interior, Name, Paint and Under Hatch was tied at 5 out of 5 for “Shady Lady” and “Vanna Mae”.

We always enjoy attending the Sandpoint Boat Show and look forward to returning back to Northern Idaho next year. Special thanks to the Inland Empire Chapter ACBS and the volunteers for hosting another outstanding event.

Karen Harrison – Roving Reporter

Thanks Karen for another excellent report from Sandpoint, Nice Work! Also, Woody Boater would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the award winners at this year’s Classic Boat Festival at Sandpoint.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Wow, woodyboater is certainly putting out the articles fast and furious this weekend. But you usual low standards for spelling and. Punctuation are slipping upscale again. Gotta keep these guest righters inline.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    If you think Karen’s spelling is good, you should see her operate a wooden runabout. It’s a sight to behold – in a good way.

  3. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    I agree with m-fine……….how’s a guy supposed to get any work done on the project boat when he’s gotta run inside and check Woodyboater every 15 minutes.

  4. Sue
    Sue says:

    I was at the Sand Point Show and being a newbie at all this(just realized how much I liked the old wood boats) I was wondering why the Runabout Trophy was given to a utility class boat??? Is this normal practice in the proper classification.
    Please educate me on this.
    Thank you

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Hi Sue – Thanks for tuning in to Woody Boater.

      In regards to your question, we were wondering the same thing too, but because we were not there in person we were not in a position to inquire with the judging committee.

      I can say that “Shady Lady” is a beautiful Chris-Craft Continental that just received some major reconditioning work over the winter, bit is still considered to be a utility class boat.

      Maybe someone from the Inland Empire Chapter will chime in with a response to your inquiry.

  5. Don
    Don says:

    It was puzzling to us also? We had entered a nice 1952 19′ CC Runabout, along with alot of other nice runabouts. Last month it had placed Best CC and Best of Show at Lake Arrowhead. Go about 1200 miles north and nobody notices what a runabout is to a utility. nor the quality of standards?
    Guess I won’ venture so far North next time.
    Don and Guests

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Last week I communicated with Michael Boge from the Inland Empire ACBS Chapter regarding the judging issue at this years Sandpoint boat show.

    After realizing that one of the more experience judges was not able to attend the Sandpoint show this year, they decided to recruit a younger, less experienced team to perform the judging duities.

    Although “Shady Lady” (a very nice 1955 Chris-Craft Continental) was a solid candidate for an award this year, the judging team made an error by referring to “Shady Lady” as a Runabout, rather than a Utility… which resulted in “Shady Lady” receiving the award for Best Runabout in error.

    The Inland Empire ACBS Chapter would like to apologise to the participants for this isolated judging error and promises to take the necssary steps in the future to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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