Live-ish From The 26th Annual Chris-Craft Plant Jamboree – Quality Is The Norm In Algonac


The 26th Annual Chris-Craft Plant Jamboree in historic Algonac, Michigan is once again a huge success, with over 105 antique & classic boat on display. Fellow Woody Boaters Allen Willey and Chad Durren are at the big show this year and sent in some great photos to Woody Boater HQ.

The Michigan and surrounding area continues to produce some outstanding preserved and restored wooden boats, and many of them are in attendence in Algonac this weekend. One fine example of the high quality boats at this year’s show is “Norm” (shown above) a 1956 17′ Chris-Craft Sportsman from Holland, MI owned by Jacob & Kristen Glick.

Stylish Chris-Craft Continentals are always fun to see at the shows, and Mark Hlavaty’s beautiful 1957 23′ “Phantom” looks right at home in Algonac.

Here’s Dennis Mykols from Spring Lake, MI aboard “Old School” his 1998 Custom Hacker Craft 22′ Gentleman’s Racer, powered by a 400 HP Ford V-8.

Chad & Andrea Durren’s spotless 1952 18′ Sportsman “Lily” and “The Other Women” (in the foreground) Arlon D. Hibbert’s very nice 1947 Gar Wood Ensign all the way from Pingree, Idaho.

A very nice 1949 Chris-Craft U22 owned by Charles & Margaret Herr from Washington, MI – “Her’s”

I’m not exactly sure what this Chris-Craft is but it sure looks cool. It seems like every time you go to a boat show there’s always one boat that stands out or sticks in your mind, which is the case here.

If anyone out there in Woody Boater Land can fill us in on the make, model, etc that would be great…
Update – To learn more about this beautiful Chris-Craft Semi Enclosed, a YouTube link has been added in the comments below. Check it out, it’s very cool…

Richard McHugh from Big Rapids, Michigan owns “John’s Gift” a 1939 17′ Chris-Craft 925.

Below, a classic Chris-Craft Capri… back home in Michigan.

Chad spotted this sleek looking 1970 Chris-Craft XK22 (Hull # 006) for sale in the Field of Dreams area. You can click on the image to enlarge it, and read the For Sale sign.

A retro Chris-Craft Cruiser…

“Flyin’ High” – A big 1941 Chris-Craft 27′ Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout from Algonac.

An ultra rare, ultra clean Arena Craft…

Congratulations to the Michigan Chapter ACBS, Boat Show Chairman Greg Lewandowski, the countless volunteers and this years boat show sponsors for organizing another successful event in Algonac. Nice work everyone!


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  1. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Your mystery boat appears to be a CC 29′ Semi-Enclosed Cruiser, prolly around 1955. Thanks forthe other great pics.

  2. Noel E. Trueworthy
    Noel E. Trueworthy says:

    From the top photo’s 9-11, that is a Christ Craft Semi Criuser, probably 1950- ’57. that is also a twin screw so it is at least a 26 footer. My son owns the 26′ with the twin 105 K’s which has won several times at the Clayton, NY show in the past. It is a terrific boat and often overlooked because it is a day criuser and not the glitzie runabout type.

  3. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    $17,900. But I want to know more about the boat in the picture right after “Lily”. Great lines. Originally some kind of workboat?

  4. allen
    allen says:

    Its a custom built lobster type picnic boat …very unique and sharp……you dont get the real sense of it from this photo. I amy have another…Allen

  5. Jim Godlewski
    Jim Godlewski says:

    We had another good show. It was great to meet all the out of town folks. Every year i seems even better. Thanks everyone for attending.

  6. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Thanks for including two great pictures of “Old School”. If I had known you were taking the picture, I would have smiled! You must have a huge telephoto lens.
    It was grat to see all the large crusiers, it brought back a lot of memories, watching them on the Detriot River in the mid to late 50’s.

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