Live-ish From The 28th Annual Whitefish Chain Antique & Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous

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Moonlite Bay 5 - 8655

“Duchess” Jim Anderson’s beautiful 1929 26′ Chris-Craft Model 5 powered by a Scripps 202.

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE – And the first big in-water boat show of the season in Minnesota is also a sign that summer has officially arrived. The 28th Annual Whitefish Chain Antique & Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous at Moonlite Bay once again offers up some premium classic boats. As we have learned over the years, the broad range of classic boats in Minnesota and the outstanding workmanship makes visiting these boat shows a fun and memorable experience. – Texx

Moonlite Bay 2 - 8731

Mike Rocca and his grandchildren out in the Racing Runabout. Always great to see a classic wood boat full of young people out on the lake.

Minnesota correspondent Dane Anderson was on hand at Moonlite Bay on Saturday for the show and sent us these great photos. Dane noted: “It rained until noon today, then the sun came out. The docks filled with spectators as soon as the clouds cleared. Good crowd and nice boats which is typical for this great event.”

“Hosts for the event – Bill Terry and his wife Sally Egan (owners of the Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant & Bar in Crosslake, MN) do an outstanding job organizing this show every year. They always make us feel welcome.” – Dane

Moonlite Bay 19

Some history of the show from the Whitefish Chain Rendevous website:

“This tradition started out more than twenty-five years ago as a simple gathering of twelve or less owners/skippers who share a love for these antique and classic boats. Over the years this gathering of boat lovers has grown to become a special community event in this the little Minnesota town of Crosslake.”

“These days more than 50 antique boats with values as high as $1 million participate in our annual show. Some of the countries most affluent wood boat collectors make their homes here in the lakes area and bring out some amazing boats every year. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into these works of art is enough to leave you in awe.” – Bill Terry & Sally Egan

Moonlite Bay 3 - 8724

Greg Dabrowski in his very cool 1959 Buehler Jet 35 heading out for the parade.

Moonlite Bay 4 - 8632

Another shot of Greg Dabrowski’s 1959 Buehler Jet 35. We don’t get to see these every day, so this was a nice surprize.

After a brief sabbatical for repairs, it was great to see “Apache II” back out on the water on Saturday. This outstanding 1922 29′ Hackercraft Gentlemen’s Race Boat now resides at the Lee Anderson Collection Museum in Nisswa, MN. The museum is the site for the big Scholarship Auction during the Woods and Water 2015 event in September.

Moonlite Bay 6 - 8680

“Apache II” was raced on Lake Tahoe in the 1920’s & 1930’s in the annual Tahoe Power Boat Club (later the Tahoe Yacht Club) Regattas. She was restored by the late Dave Wright at Wright Restoration in southern California in 2007 and is powered by a 400HP 12-Cylinder Liberty aircraft engine.

Moonlite Bay 7 - 8642

Moonlite Bay 8 - 8685

Moonlite Bay 9 - 8797

Our friend Steve Lively caring for “Apache II” – The 90 year-old Hackercraft Gentleman’s Race Boat looks fantastic out on the lake.

Moonlite Bay 10 - 8629

A rare 1929 30′ Ditchburn with Kermath power owned by Charlie Underbrink.

Moonlite Bay 11 - 8691

A nice shot of the Wyman Boathouse display. Twin Mercury Mark 25s with electric start on a Alumacraft flying D.

Moonlite Bay 12 - 8719

Mike Sufka and crew head out for the classic boat parade in “Torpedo” a spectacular 19′ Chris-Craft Custom Barrelback.

If you are a regular viewer here at Woody Boater, you probably know that Matt Smith (our fearless leader) is currently on a intense search for a rare Cavalier Dory. These are very cool boats and hard to find in good condition these days.

So Dane Anderson was surprized (and pleased) to find this outstanding 1964 Chris-Craft 22′ Cavalier Dory at the boat show on Saturday. This particular Dory named “Va Vay” is owned by Charlie Brown and it’s powered by Chris-Craft 283M V-8. I keep telling Matt that he can find almost every kind of classic boat in Minnesota – maybe now he will believe me. – Texx

Moonlite Bay 13 - 8744

Moonlite Bay 14 - 8774

Moonlite Bay 15 - 8846

Moonlite Bay 16 - 8784

Welcoming in summer with smiles all around on board Charlie Underbrink’s 1929 30′ Ditchburn.

Moonlite Bay 18 - 8804

Joe Leply in his very cool 1950 Globe Mastercraft.

Moonlite Bay 1 - 8765

Piper Underbrink at the helm of the 22′ Shepherd.

Moonlite Bay 17 - 8875

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Stu Holmer who offered to take Dane Anderson and Mark Setterholm out so they could snap some shots during the traditional fly by in his Chris-Craft U-22 “Cherry Bomb” – Thanks for the help Stu!

Special thanks also to Dane Anderson for covering this show for us today and sharing his wonderful photos. We appreciate the effort Dane!

Also thanks to Bill Terry and his wife Sally Egan for making this great event a reality.


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  1. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Great coverage of a great event…gotta love those jaunty Cavalier Dories!

    Here’s my brush with CC Dory glory last fall @ Lake Geneva:

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Why is it that the more you see (and learn) about the Chris-Craft Cavalier Dory – the more you like them. The simplicity and unique styling?

      Whatever it is, they sure look nice.

  2. John Dort
    John Dort says:

    Love the Shepherd coverage – both within the article and header. For a 22′ looks like an unusual triple cockpit set up. ??

  3. Kerry Price
    Kerry Price says:

    I spent my childhood summer vacations up at Fisherman’s Point on Crosslake in the late 50’s and early 60’s. It is where I saw my first wooden boat and where it all began for me. Can’t wait for the ACBS show in September. It will be my first time back on these waters in over 50 years.

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