Live -ish From The Antique Boat Center. Famous Classic Boat Author Tony Mollica Speaks


So you thought that Tony just wrote books, well hold on to your Skipper cap.. He also talks.. Thats right. This just in from our Woody Boater reporter Angie from Ohio.. Pictures of  Tony actually speaking at the Antique Boat Center Open House.. But of course all I got was photos… And we all know what that means.. We get to make up the story. Although its clear that he is talking about his new book that is about the Chris Craft factory days..

But that was just part of it. He also spoke of Woody Boater and how incredibly handsome and beautiful the Woody Boater readers are compared to other web site readers. Thats right, you read it here.. Stay tuned for more useless words but very fun images from around the US of A ..If you are on the West coast and just waking up.. Hell man the days almost over here in the east. Get on up to Portland.. Theres wood up there..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Would like to have been there to meet Tony Mollica (and to give that guy in the second row a little nudge, he’s as inspired as the little girl in the front row, dreaming about what he’s missing on Woody Boater this morning).

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