Live-ish From The Century Boat Club Thoroughbred Round Up in Manistee, Michigan


Looks like it just came out of the factory. A beautiful 1948 Century Sea Maid – Bill Manny , Traverse City, MI

Fellow Woody Boater, Century Aficionado and “All Around Good Guy” Tommy Holmes is at the big Century Thoroughbred Round Up in Manistee, Michigan this weekend. Tommy has joined the “After Midnight Crew” here at Woody Boater and sent us this Live-ish update from the event late last night.

Century Boat Club Thoroughbred Round Up
Manistee, Michigan

The 29th Annual Century Boat Club Thoroughbred Round Up in Manistee, Michigan on Saturday 9/7 brought together not only some wonderful boats, but many long term classic boaters. The journey to the home of Thoroughbreds brought both locals and far away travelers together for a Woody Boater weekend in the small town of Manistee, rich in tradition.

What a treat to view Century boats from a 1938 SeaMaid to a 1966 Fibersport at one marina at one time. The Manistee Marina across the channel from which the boat company plant was located.

Classic 1965 and 1962 Century Coronado Boats In Attendance

Woody Boaters Conrad Adamski, Helen Fortier , Marion Johnson, Joe Helimski, Sky Wittig, John Holmes, Al Zatarga and other former Century Boat Co. employees gathered on the Manistee channel to view a great collection of boats and chat about days gone by.

Proud to be a boat attendee, in Manistee.

Family affair – Sue & Greg Griffith & kids in their award winning 1941 Century Sea Maid.

A rare 1959 Century Coronado designed by Richard Arbib and immortalized by Revell models.

We had a great range of classic boats again this year, from a 1948 Chris-Craft 20′ Custom, to an ultra rare 1956 Arena Craft Barracuda, a cool Grady White and a 1953 Century Imperial Sportsman.

Boat show judges can have fun – Bobby Miklos, Tom Drozd, Pete DeWinter, Woody Boater CSI Frank Miklos.

Got to love a parade… a 1957 Century Arabian with newlyweds Laura & Kyle Barton, John Synder’s very cool 1966 Century 17′ Fibersport and Russ & Tammy Arrand’s beautiful 1941 Chris-Craft 22′ Deluxe Utility.

The traditional classic boat parade along the Manistee channel under the Maple St Bridge.

The legend and the excitement of current Thoroughbred owners mixed like the rainbow and storm clouds present over Lake Michigan.

A Pure Michigan Round Up!

Tommy Holmes

Special thanks to Tommy Holmes and all the nice folks at the Century Boat Club for your effort and continued support of this great annual event. Nice work!  The Century Boat Club also has a very active Facebook page where you can join in on the daily conversation.  You can Click Here to check out their Facebook page.


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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Ok! I haven’t even read the story but I already know I’m going to love it. It’s been a sweet couple of days of Century Woody Boating on the blog. Great work Texx and Tommy! Thank you,

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Wow – I just hit the publish button on the story 20 minutes ago (2:45AM).

      Philip, Did you see that 57 Arabian in the parade? Looks nice…

      • Philip Andrew
        Philip Andrew says:

        Yep, it sure is. Such a pretty boat. Ive climbed all over the one Herb has at Sierra a couple of years back.

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    Wow, two of my favourite boats — Matthews and Century. Now thats’ what I call starting the day out right!

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Love that ’48. Believe it was in Hessel too. Were it my boat, I’d want those dash gauges to light up slowly, like an old tube radio, and emit that warm soft golden such radios gave. Thanks Tommy H.

  4. Allen Lee
    Allen Lee says:

    I loved the show this year terrific entries, live music and boat parade. Great show Tommy thanks for the report.

  5. Russ Arrand
    Russ Arrand says:

    The Arrand family had a great time at the show. My 22 foot Blue-BY-U was also there. Cadillac Boat Shop customers had some nice awards given to them. Best of show -Greve Cup- 1941 Century 16′ Sea Maid “Awaken”. Best Non Century-1948 Chris Craft 20′ Custom “Due Diligence”. Lots of boat rides after the show. It was a great day.
    Russ Arrand

  6. ken rotter
    ken rotter says:

    Fantastic show like to thank all the Wonderful people that put this show in the books loved all the new aquaintences;party at the clubs;great displays;and awards banquet.1st time with the 1959 HT Coronado after its finished restoration and the LadyLorraine made your Dec cover,what an honor for a rare Lady. Thanks to all again Lady Lorraine is stored in Manistee anxiously awaiting your 2013 show. Ken Rotter&Daisy new members Century Boat Club

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