Live-ish From The Reedville Virginia Classic Boat Show

Fun turn out for a small show. This great show years ago was growing at a very fast pace, but insurance issues stopped it for 2 years. This year a smarter insurance person stepped in and the show was on, only the weather did not co-operate. Rough seas on the Chesapeake Bay stopped about 10 cruisers from making it on Friday. The big boats are the draw at this show. They are parked behind homes down historic main street. Saturday was a perfect day and 28 boats made it to the Reedville Fisherman’s museum for the show… The Reedville Fisherman’s Museum is the social center of the community and puts on one heck of an event.

Woody Boater was one of the key sponsors. So we had a nice set up. Jimmy Kastelberg’s 1974 Bezoats .. “Captain Chicken” can do a nice 50 mph..Note the hand made vintage stand.. It’s as old as the boat and makes a very cool set up. The museums Skip jack does not do 50 mph Jim Scott’s Chris Craft Cavaler was the star of the show. Without a doubt the nicest Cavalier I have ever seen. He has owned it since the mid 60’s The Elva-C it’s not a runabout but certainly qualifies as a utility…The story of the show goes to Jim “Trigger” Schafer’s all original 1957 Whirlwind. Jim was given the boat under one condition by his long time pal Charlie… The condition. That he love it as much as Charlie did. One thing is for sure… That’s a done deal. The Boat had never been named… Now… “Charlie’s Angel”

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wow what a great variety of boats for a small show where the weather stopped some of the attendees. Lots of different sizes and makers. Looks like a quaint spot. How is the seafood down there by the bay? Hopefully you are holding back on the photos to share with us later, including the woodyboater set up. Thankyou

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Reedville is the second largest fishing port in the US.. Alaska has the first. At one point it had 13 fish factories… now it has one big one.. The omega bryte Brite?? One. Its fish oil. As to seafood. Egh! Sorry. Its a working town and that sort of thing is for areas that were vacation places. Now.. You want crabs and oysters.. We catch about 30 or so a weekend off the docks. The crab cakes are amazing. Its all very simple and rural. Not much has changed in Reedville mostly because of the fish factory. But in the past couple years the factory has taken great pains in improving the smell and the area around it. It's also becomeing a very nice mouring spot for bat travelers.

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