Live-ish From The Wine Country Classic Boat Show In Historic Hammondsport, NY At Keuka Lake

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LOCAL BOAT SHOWS ARE FANTASTIC AND HAVE A CERTAIN FEEL which makes them very unique and memorable for participants and spectators alike. The rich history of Keuka Lake is legendary. Today we have a great report from long-time fellow Woody Boater m-fine. – Texx

Live-ish From Historic Hammondsport, New York
The Dog Days of Summer – Woody Boater Style
Report by m-fine, l-fine, c-fine and Tobler

Saturday July 18 was the 33rd annual Wine Country Classic Boat Show in historic Hammondsport, NY at the Southern end of Keuka Lake. This is a small show but the location is hard to beat and the local club does a great job of organizing and running the operation. With the show scheduled to open at 9:00, the first order of business was to wash off the docks starting a bit before 7:30 AM.

1b -dockwash

Classic Morning Dock-Wash on Kauka Lake, NY.

The brief rain left some of the boats covered in beads of water.

Keuka Lake, NY

The rain spots and lack of morning sun did not stop the Lake Hopatcong contingent from showing off with a polish so bright it was nearly blinding.

Keuka Lake, NY

A quick wipe-down for “Jane Valerie” and she’s shining like a jewel for the show to open to the public.

For those that don’t already know, there are three keys that are guaranteed to get your picture featured in a Woody Boater story. First, have a cool boat. Second, prominently display Woody Boater wear. Finally, become friends with Tobler. Bernie Lamay has it mastered.

Keuka Lake, NY

Bernie Lamay and his awesome classic Lyman outboard has been featured a number of times here on Woody Boater, from all around the country including Florida, Michigan and now New York State. “Living Life Full Throttle.” Nice work Bernie! – Texx

Keuka Lake, NY

Bernie has a new friend named Tobler.

One of the new (old) boats at the show this year was this beautiful 1959 Dorsett with a very convenient flip over windshield that made polishing the bow a breeze.

Keuka Lake, NY

A perfect color combination for this classic Dorsett outboard.

This racer knows a thing or “too” about shine as well.

Keuka Lake, NY.

The owner of this Chris-Craft Holiday is a worse speller than Matt, and the poor guy is stuck with a fake dog too! That made Tobler a bit sad.

Keuka Lake, NY.

Sad Tobler… (Maybe he was hoping to go for a boat ride in the Holiday?)

Tobler and expert handler l-fine quickly moved on to another group of Chris-Crafts.

Keuka Lake, NY.

“Hey Dad, Ketchup!”

Keuka Lake, NY.

Tobler felt this 1964 Century Resorter from Maryland was drool worthy. The display on this boat was excellent, with “Inn Spirit” monogramed cushions, towels, shirts, and hats. The kids, quickly joined him for an extra-long look. Note that c-fine is not wearing a Woodyboater shirt due to the lack of availability in his size.

Keuka Lake, NY.

Keuka Lake, NY.

Fine family taking in the summer boat show.

This really nice looking Lyman “Vedca” made the trip down the lake and arrived in time for the official judging.

Keuka Lake, NY.

What a fantastic looking Lyman. I would love to learn more about this boat. Wow! – Texx

While the show is generally pretty low key, the judges are not there to show any mercy. Here you can see a couple of judges slashing points so fast that the owner lost his breakfast over the port side, and Tobler had to look away from the carnage.

Keuka Lake, NY

Judges – Judging…

Not all of the judges were so harsh. The Hagerty Youth Judges did a great job, eventually awarding their top prize to “Wooden Lady” and showing that cruiser love crosses generations.

15 -youth judging - Copy

Fellow Woody Boater Gil Grant (owner of “Wooden Lady”) with the Hagerty Youth Judges. “Wooden Lady” is a wonderfully restored 1960 Chris-Craft 25′ Cavalier that also gets around to boat shows in the south and northeast. Congratulations Gil! – Texx

Keuka Lake, NY.

Cruiser Love.

Keuka Lake, NY.

Gotta love these big Chris-Craft Continentals.

Keuka Lake, NY.

We are seeing more and more newer model Century boats showing up at boat shows and that’s great to see. – Texx

Hammondsport, at the south end of the lake, is known for Glenn Curtis and his pioneering work in aviation and especially sea planes. The north end of the lake was home to Penn Yan boats which made the famous Swift as well as a wide assortment of lapstrakes.

17 -Swift - Copy

Keuka Lake, NY.

Tobler sat down for a break while looking over a pair of Gar Woods. One a 19-footer from the 30’s and the other a 21st century triple cockpit.

Keuka Lake, NY.

It was great to see a number of Woody Boaters and other familiar faces once again. Unfortunately, we had a busy day planned and could not stay at the show all weekend, so it was time to cool off in the lake and head for home.

Keuka Lake, NY.

Tobler cooling off in Keuka Lake. One happy dog.

It is amazing how much things can change in just a year. I am hoping none of us gains a hundred plus pounds between now and next year’s show!!!


Keuka Lake, NY.

Tobler (the puppy) cooling off in the lake a year ago.

Keuka Lake, NY.

The beauty of classic boats on Keuka Lake, New York.

Special thanks to m-fine and his family for their great report today. We appreciate the contribution to Woody Boater. Also to the organizers and volunteers that make this show such a success.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks for bringing us to the show with you M-Fine!

    Did I miss the bacon cart?

    Good to see Gil! He really gets around with that Cavalier. Got to spend some time with them in Tavares this spring, unfortunately it was not until they were loaded up and heading out.

  2. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    nice look at the show from a slightly different angle. thanks for keeping it light and fun. nows it to the moving van. god help us.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Mo and I think you and Tobler did a great job of reporting on what looks like a really nice event. Thanks!

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:


    That “newer” model Century was a 1977 Arabian that I believe was brought by Don Spring. It is for sale with an affordable asking price of $7500. The other boat in that picture was a Shepherd but I wasn’t able to get much info on that one.

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Two interesting things about this show…First, sometimes, maybe always the show in Jamestown is on the same weekend so you can make both shows while up that way…at least I did one year and two at the end of the show they take up the docks. I’d never seen that done before but then our lakes in Florida don’t freeze over during the winter…Still July seems a little early to start taking them up.
    Also they seem to drink a lot of wine up that way….but then they call it “Wine Country.”
    Lastly did they have the Keuka to Penn Yann race this year ??

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:


      The show site is a town park that maintains limited dock space throughout the season. The host club owns additional docks that are put in for this weekend only to significantly increase the dock capacity and those are taken out after the show.

      The regatta is still run on Sunday morning although the format has changed over the years and they no longer run the length of the lake to Penn Yan. I was not able to cover the race this year since we had to hit the road for a week in Cape Cod.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    hey Matt, great pix, my Keuka friends were there looking to extend greetings…but you must have been out on the lake or on a bacon run at the time…….
    I will be up to Keuka in Aug. I hope…..lunch then?
    John in Va

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      We were only there for a few hours Saturday morning before we had to pack up and go. Let me know your August dates, I should be around and definitely available.

  7. Joanne Mayer
    Joanne Mayer says:

    Thanks for an entertaining overview. As a former resident and show participant (now living in Portland OR) I must say that it is one of the best shows and the best venues around! And the wine is not bad either!!

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