Live-ish Saturday From Jacksonville, NC – A Classic Boat Ride Day For The US Marines


Reporting Live-ish from the Military Appreciation Event at The Marine Corps Air Station – New River, Jacksonville, NC. Thanks to Robert & Linda Miracle we have an opportunity to see some great images of some US Marines and their families who came out to experience a classic boat ride today. The nice folks from The Blue Ridge Chapter of the ACBS were on hand with their boats to make it all possible, offering boat rides to Wounded Warriors, Marines and their families. Robert said that although it was cool and overcast for part of the day, it was well attended and a fun day for everyone.

“Last Nickel” (shown above) is a beautiful 1947 22′ Chris-Craft Sportsman owned by John Justice & Bill Baker from Pittsboro, NC. They are representing the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Chapter of the ACBS.

This unique event is a fantastic way of showing our appreciation to the US Marines and their families, and to acknowledge what they do for the country. As I was preparing the story today, going through the gallery of images from Robert Miracle, I couldn’t help thinking how many times in the last few years I have heard the question – “What can we do to continue to ensure the future growth the antique & classic boat hobby?” In my view, events like this are certainly a step in the right direction.

Just to see the smiles and enthusiastic, inquisitive faces of the parents and children says it all. Do you remember when you had your first ride in a classic wooden boat?

Not much explanation required here, for the most part, the images speak for themselves…

Randy & Ginger Clark loading up “OoRAH” for another ride. Randy is a proud US Marine and more than happy to help at the event.

Terry Ross (in the red hat) in the drivers seat of “Jitterbug”, her and Tim’s V-8 powered 1978 Bender Speed Skiff. With so many children on hand for the boat rides, I wonder if Terry had a last minute notion to organize another Hagerty Youth Judging event. She is just great with the kids.

The legendary Chris Smith in one of his favorite places, his Chris-Craft Sea Skiff enjoying the day.

Robert Miracle just called in to report that they were at the big banquet tonight, live music and everyone was having a wonderful time. He also said that everyone involved, from the Military and their families, to the Blue Ridge Chapter ACBS folks and the countless volunteers – they hope that they can come back to The Marine Corps Air Station – New River and do this again next year.

Thanks again to Miracle Photography for providing the images of this event.


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  1. Ben Monfil
    Ben Monfil says:

    Great coverage! Of course, you missed that RDC chapter (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) was there, too. We brought our Last Nickel!

  2. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    What a great event! Wish we were there in person instead of just in spirit. Nothing could be more fun that sharing rides with our servicemen and their families. Kudos to all!!!!

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    What a great way to enjoy our hobby and passion, by sharing our fun with the brave men and women that serve our country in the volunteer military. It’s heart warming to see so many smiles from them and their family members.

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