Live-ish – Steve Natale Covers The Covers On Lake Tahoe!


Sir, I think there is a blue blob in your fresh varnish. Nothing a little buff cant fix

The big show on Lake Tahoe at Obexers is about to get under way. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater and reporter Steve Natale for sending us in some exclusive photos of the prep time. For the record, I always find this to be the best time at a boat show. It’s like unwrapping birthday presents.


It’s a cover show

You get to see ole chums you haven’t seen all year and there is a general excitement in the air. And trust me, judging is already taking place. Oh sure, there is the formal meeting, but if a new boat shows up at the dance, she is being looked over before any formalities happen. Thanks again to Steve for covering the covers of lake Tahoe. BTW, Steve has a cool new blog about cars and boats. Check it out here.


Covers cover and more covers. Great coverage!


Tan covers


hang in there, hey were is your cover? There on the left!


Gitt’n ready to go swimming on Lake Tahoe! Wearing an Obexers shirt, which is kinda like a cover.


Cover on the dock


Cover in the back and no teeki unbrella up yet. But under a hard cover. Kinda like a cover


Uncovered engine! And that is pre show sloppy line droppige there.


Cover in back seat! With a shamee!


Nice, what no line covers?


Hat, or known as a head cover!

Thanks Steve for “covering” the show for us. That about covers it!



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  1. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    You guys are KILLING me. Taking my daughter back up to Boise State this weekend. I’ll be driving right past Tahoe but have no time to stop by. Won’t even have time to make a side trip to McCall. At least I’ll be back in Big Bear in time for next weeks show.

    • Bert Harris
      Bert Harris says:

      Nothing from Clayton this year. We didn’t go. They snubbed fiberglass last year and the guy running the museum was a but wad. He quit since but we decided to skip it. We will be at the CRA there this week end. Maybe Aaron will do a story for you. Bert

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    Glad to see ‘cruisers’ showing up here — we need MORE representation at these high end shows!!!!!

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