Live and Live-ish From The Big Concours d’Elegance On Lake Tahoe.

Stunning at night

Stunning at night – all photos by Steve nNatale

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater and amazing photographer Steve Natale, we can spend a while drooling over some of the mahogany goodness that’s arrived at Lake Tahoe. Today of course is the big day. The docks will be jammed, and the awards handed out. We also have again, the live feed from Obexer’s Boat Company thanks to . So without further adooo, Steve’s photos and web cam!

And now photos!


You can click on the photos and they get larger!









Let the judging begin.





Todays header photo from Steve!













Simply amazing to see all these Barrel Backs in one place



Just a bang here and buff and its ready to go!



Thanks Steve for some amazing photos! Stay tuned for more later and of course, there is always the live web cam stuff.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I would not wish to be one of those judges. Tough job figuring out points to deduct from prefect boats.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    WOW what an amazing show and so many Great shots.

    Thanks Steve!

    So here is what is funny to me. Some of those piers are very high and at first it did not even seem strange to me because of the 10′ tides we have up here in the NorthEast. I don’t think Tahoe has tides?

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Looks like the lake is pretty low this year..
    Lotta pretty boats…Terry and his team are going to have their hands full picking the winners.

  4. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    I was told the lake is extremely low, causing some big problems for those around the lake not prepared to deal with such low levels. Some folks can’t launch at all this season. One of the Obexer guys told me that Thunderbird isn’t going to be on the lake due to a combination of engine issues and low water…too bad, as I’d hoped to see that boat in “person” so to speak.

  5. dreed
    dreed says:

    It is too bad the live camera doesn’t have sound. I imagined a guy bitching at his wife at the launch ramp. ” No! The OTHER left!

  6. 51Reorter
    51Reorter says:

    Tahoe is actually not down very far from normal, only 1.2′ is all. Maximum water level achievable is 4′ above normal. If the volume of lake water was spread out over the state of California, it would be 14″ deep.

  7. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    The webcam is great but I am surprised at what seems to be light crowd turnout. I would have thought the docks would be wall to wall people!

  8. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    What the… I can not find any lapstrakes. Whts up with that? By looking at the marks on the seawall I thought it was way low also but maybe not.

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