Lyman's & The Huron Boat Bason Boat Show, In?….. You Guessed It… Huron Ohio!

Photo is from Matt Krafty of

After Clayton and seeing almost every version of Lyman made, and since one of our #1 Woody Boaters… Anonymous Lyman Guy has pounded the brand into my head, I have now fallen deeply in love with Lymans. Mind you, I still just want a U22, a 25 Sportsman , a XK-19, a Century Thunderbolt, Garwood Speedster, That darn Black 19 ft Garwood runabout with the white Interior… then of course Palm Beach Days the racer…..and now, a nice fat 25 foot Lyman. And what do I see here.. A big fat show being put on by the Lyman Boat Owners Association in Huron Ohio this weekend. Great, now where is the heck is Huron Ohio? Well, it’s on Lake Erie, smack dab in between Toledo and Cleveland.. Dang….mmmm 10 hr drive there… See some tasty Lymans…..GRab some of those ribs that corpral Klinger was always talking about in Toledo…..then a 10 hr drive back, maybe more like 12 hrs cause I will have a Lyman on my hitch… I will want to take it slow… but then a bearing will freeze up, because the trailer was sitting to long, that will cost me time because its Sunday, and nothing is open, and I will be on the PA Turnpike on the side of the road with trucks zipping by my new old Lyman…… I will get home late on Monday, and miss work… Wait.. Dear God? I will miss posting on Woody Boater. and now there are over 10,000 folks reading this and I will let them down and ……… OK, someone from Ohio please go to the show and send photos….I will be glad to post them.. Here are the details of the show
HURON, OH August
14-16 10th Annual All Classics Festival at the Huron Boat Basin. Lyman Boat Owners Association. Or Click here for more info

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Once again Woody boater I am in your debt. I too, the lover of all things Lyman, will not be attending this show as most others, or should I say, all others. I would never want to sway your for your Chris Craft dreams, but I appreciate your increased interest in Lymans. The reality is that I spend so little time on the water, I have no time for shows. Woody Boater is as close as I get. Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I suppose that Lyman was the primary reason that Chris-Craft started building Sea Skiffs in '53-54. I know a Lyman owner that loves the ride of his compared to the same size Sea Skiff. There's a Sea Skiff guy that told me the opposite about his though. From outward appearance they look much the same. They're both great classics.


  3. mars2boys
    mars2boys says:

    Have you heard anything about this show being canceled. My mother lives in Huron and we were heading up to attend, but she heard it had been canceled due to lack of insurance?

  4. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    I have not heard that, but would not be surprised. This is a common issue and the ACBS has ways to work with that. Its one of the things that the ACBS does very very well… Contact them, or have your chapt pres do it.. Good luck, great town..

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