Lyvish From The First Annual Montreal Classic Boat Festival

Fellow Woody Boater Gene Porter and Jr Woody Boater William Garceau of Columbus traveled to The First Annual Montreal Classic Boat Festival in…….Montreal, and back by Lyman from Lake Champlain via the historic Richelieu and St Lawrence Rivers. Easy trip. 2.5 days up; 1.5 days back. Great small towns with docks. True North was the only US boat to so arrive. We always report on the shows and not the journey… Personally I have found that the journey both restoration, and drive is the fun part. Trips like this are the essence of ACBS boating.

Several eye watering commuters, of which the well-known Dolphin was judged the best.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Figured I could reach you this way . Great boats to look at but how about an article on stupid stuff that happens to woody boaters? I was down in TN last week and the motor kept losing power for no obvious reason. Turned out a wet rope had fallen across the battery terminals and was shorting out the system. Rope was also burned, luckily no fire though. Stupid stuff happens!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great turn out of boats for a first ever event. Gene, you and First Mate, William had a great adventure traveling to and from the event in your Lyman. One he's not likely to forget.


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