March 11- Tavares Florida – Vintage Boat Races – Be There!


Git outta my way, I am headed to Florida!

Antsy to get the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks outta your Ice Box and git to Florida and go Woody Boating? Well, you can now have an excuse to go a week early for the Spring Vintage Boat Races. This is an annual event and INSANE COOL. And for sure is no boring static show, these guys take these boats out and run the piss out of them.


Jersey Skiffs! Yikes! Note to self, Bring Depends.


Thanks to Action Photos by Pete Boden – Shoot To Thrill Pix

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The sound of huge race engines running hard is fantastic as well. Not to mention, but I will, the nicest group of folks on the planet. Fun folks that love sharing the history and glory of these amazing watercraft. You can hear and feel these boats as you enter into town, its that cool. See now you can race down to Florida a week earlier. You can find out more HERE.


Spring Race-1

Hang in there, its almost March

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    This will remain a high priority bucket list item for me this year. I have seen these raceboats in action but not in Tavares. They are fantastic to watch and hear. Although we will be in the area at the right time, we’ll be on the St. Johns River. Next year, the Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      Do what I do arrive in Tavares Friday, take in the show on Saturday and Sunday morning then head over to Sanford and catch the bus back to Jacksonville for the dinner at the yacht club.

      Enjoy your cruise on the St John’s.

      • Al Benton
        Al Benton says:

        Tom, great idea! However, we will struggle to get from St. Louis to Sanford in time to catch the bus ride, unless Karen can take a couple of extra days away from her students the week before Spring Break. We’ll see.

        Look forward to seeing you Sunday at the bus, or at the Yacht Club, or earlier at Wooton Park if it works out.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thought about trying to include this event in the trip this year, but opted for a visit with friends in Wilmington NC instead.

    Sure Looks Fun!

  3. Kent Volmerding
    Kent Volmerding says:

    Building a Gentlemens Racer from scratch. Coming down
    For show this year and hoping to bring boat to show next year.

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