Meanwhile In Milwaukee, The Glacier Lakes Gang Shows Florida It Ain’t About The Sunshine!

001Long time fellow Woody boater Jack Schneiberg reported in from the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the ACBS took up it’s normal post at the Milwaukee Boat show which started on Friday, January 15th. Moderate winter temperatures to start the show, but the bottom started dropping out on Saturday and Sunday will see us fending off sub-zero wind chills to help dredge up dreams of summer. Attached are some of the interesting boats that were present this year.

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One of the most interesting boat present this year was a 1929 Hutchinson which is in the throes of restoration. Dave Buckley recently found this treasure and is planning a research trip to the northeast to sort out some of the details he will need to finish the work.


Dave also showed “Miss Chief”, his 1935 Garwood Speedster. This is one of the original boats that has been preserved over the years and Dave does run it regularly during the season. Dave says he recently changed props in an attempt to get the nose down under launch and wanting to test it out on Christmas Day took it over to the launch ramp. However, a trailer mishap sent him back home feeling this was not the day to do that.


This shot shows our “work station”. After many years of duty a chapter member graciously took our “rear end” in for a refinish. This thing has to be 20 years old and serves us well at all our events. I noticed yesterday that we need to rework the deck stripes.


The above shot  shows a late 40’s Garwood Utility that has some beautiful lines and hardware styling. I started out to gather ownership details, but got sidetracked in a discussion about something that I don’t remember now. ” Jack is a true Woody boater”


This Chris Craft Sea Skiff has been recently updated with fresh finish and has a home port of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. I know a lot of the boats around that area but had never seen this one. I understand it has never left that lake. Might be an interesting history there to chase down.


Charlie Shong brought his 1937 Electric trolling motor to display, above. The battery nestled in the bottom of the stand actually allows visitors to run the motor. Charlie also brought his beautifully preserved Tomahawk fishing rig.


Dave Doyle brought his Switzer Craft “Baby Bullett” with a 10hp Mercury. Dave also hauled in 9 various antique outboard motors. Among the motors were two “Flambeaus” which were made in Wisconsin.


Winchester Boat Company was a new participant this year. While these are fresh out of the shop, they still qualify as beautiful pieces of woodwork and I especially liked the “fairleader” ornament’s on both boats.


And……if one gets tired of looking at the real stuff, there’s always dreams to look at across the aisle where the model boats show their stuff.

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That’s all from Milwaukee for now. Hoping it gets up to “Zero” later today. Jack

Yikes jack, what a warm time it looks like you all had! Take that Florida!

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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    RiverRat loves the Hutch, bring it back to The River. Knew it at first glance, which sent me right there…… you guessed it… The River. Thank you for that cold morning jolt of summer.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    These winter indoor boat shows are a tremendous effort but well worth the time. One is coming up in St. Louis in early February and the local ACBS Mississippi Valley Chapter will participate come snow or sub-zero temperatures. Their display always receives top rankings from visitors.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Great display.

  3. Gary
    Gary says:

    Out of curiosty I googled Winchester Boat Comapny and found that it really is Winchester Boat Works. Obviously low temperatures afect facilties.
    The angry pike or what ever fish that is has been around.

  4. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    The model boat guys are a great group, and do amazing detailed work. I get their newsletter and it is filled with cool stories.

  5. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    Thanks Jack.
    Milwalkee is the home of chesse curds, beer and brats. Just outside of Peewalkee, home of Wil. Soon the ice will be complete over Lake Meechigan and we will be Walking to Weeconsin for lunch.

  6. Matt
    Matt says:

    Ugh, I am either doing these stories to late or too early to notice. I googled it, and shockingly had it right in the story. HA, For the record, Mill Walkee makes more sense. Ya see folks walked to the Mill so much they built a city there. See. I get that.

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