Monday – The End Of The Line At The 2011 Priest Lake Dry Rot Event In Idaho


The 2011 Priest Lake Dry Rot event is now in the record books and from all reports, it was once again a huge success. Monday was the last official day for the event, which was spent taking a day trip up the north end of Priest Lake, then through a two-mile thoroughfare which connects the main lake to the remote Upper Priest Lake that (according to the Idaho State Park folks) is accessible only by foot, mountain bike, boat or float plane. The Upper Priest Lake area is less than 30 miles south of the Canadian border.

Above, after a few challenges traveling to Idaho for the Dry Rot event, Paul Harrison enjoys the journey to Upper Priest Lake in the back of “End of the Line” with Karen Harrison at the controls.

Below, John Tyler and Steve Martin from Portland, Oregon cruising across Priest Lake aboard “Carol Anna”, Steve’s beautiful 1940 17′ Chris-Craft Custom Barrelback.

A gaggle of antique & classic boats carefully navigating through the two-mile thoroughfare that connects the upper & lower lakes.

A perfect opportunity to catch up on your sun tanning before fall… Don’t forget your sun scream.

I guess the Idaho State Park folks were right when they said the remote Upper Priest Lake area was accessible by float plane. Our Woody Boater reporter for today’s story is Rilee Yandt, Wes Yandt’s daughter. Rilee and her boyfriend rode to Upper Priest Lake with Alan Thomle aboard “Greyhound”, and she noted that there were 3 float planes parked at the beach, so many of the classic boaters conveniently parked under the wings of the float planes. Certainly makes for a cool photo.

And of course this was also a perfect opportunity for the traditional group photo from this year’s event. A perfect end to a perfect (and safe) weekend of classic boating in Northern Idaho.

Priest Lake Map Courtesy of The Inn at Priest Lake.

Special thanks to Rilee Yandt for contributing her great photos and story to Woody Boater from Monday’s lake cruise, and to the Inland Empire & Columbia Willamette ACBS Chapters for co-organizing this great classic boating event at beautiful Priest Lake, Idaho.


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Texx, thank you for the report and the beautiful pics. What a stunning area! Never boated in such environs. Someday, perhaps when my kids are all in college… One can only hope.

  2. Michael Boge
    Michael Boge says:

    I want to mention what a great job Dick and Louise Werner do on putting this event on. With the help of Linda Zwarg and Carol Hutchinson it really comes together.

    I kept a gps on my boat this past weekend and put on over 70 miles over the four days!! It is truly a boaters dream as you get to use your boat as well as show it off at Elkins Resort on Sunday morning.

    Weather was fantastic, boats included an incredible variety and the long weekend was a great way to finish up the summer season at Priest Lake.

    • 'Bone Daddy' Deems
      'Bone Daddy' Deems says:

      I have to agree Mike (and Paul), after coming up to Priest Lake every year for the past ten years, I still never get tired of that wonderful green space. Sometimes Mariette and I say “Maybe we should do something different for Labor Day?…Then Nah! Let’s do it again!”. See you at the Nordman Bar (every midnight!) for some after boating Fireball shooters! Oooo Ya….Bone Daddy out…

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks for your comments Michael.

    Dick and Louise Werner have touched so many people over the years, and their ongoing commitment and enthusiasm for the hobby is remarkable (and infectious).

    Easy to see why the Priest Lake Dry Rot event continues to grow in terms of popularity.

  4. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Dick’s enthusiasm was so profound that it touched us the moment we first met him and it is really what got us into the hobby. I dare say and it has not dimmed a bit. This was my first Dry Rot, but I can’t imagine what it would be like without their incredible effort. They are special people.

    This is such a great event – no judging, no real rules, just lots of fun, lots of great people and lots of boating in one of the most beautiful lakes one could imagine. A perfect weekend. The parade past the lake side homes, with people out on almost every dock waving was something to savour.

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