More From Gravenhurst. New President Named and Location For 2011 Annual Meeting!

Sunny weather all around in Gravenhurst, New President Gail Turner takes the helm. Lake Geneva named 2011 Location for Annual meeting…. Membership holding steady despite economy…. Online effort back on track despite vendor melt down… What a year past president Dick Werner has had to deal with. My cap is off to him and the entire board for holding ground in what could have been a disastrous year if not for working there little afts off… While in Lake Geneva word was coming in about the Boat House Tour and how amazing it was. Here are some fun photos of the show this weekend… And yes actual human beings… I know… but we all know deep in our hearts this hobby is made 10000 times stronger because of the ACBS and the relationships and kindness of the folks in it. It’s not all about live streaming megapixles…

New President Gail Turner and Mr Gail Turner… Sorry Bill.. it comes with the territory…. OK, now I have a good image for later photo-shop use..
More killer boats without humans ruining the shot

Kathy Snyder and Stacy Dasno from Headquarters in Clayton NY with Sharon Dickinson an international Director from Grand Island NY and two members at the Ships Store.

Boats.. More killer boats…

New Treasurer Dick Winn and Mrs Treasurer Kristen… and on the right Diana Shotwell…. Boats
1950 Greavette 20 foot sedan, Best Restored Classic utility.. Just finished the day before the show…

New 2nd Vice President Jim Mersman, and wife Wendy. 1918 Minett 34′(I think) launch is for sale, if you are interested. And if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Out going in many ways.. Former first lady Louise Werner in orange and Cheryll Schampier of Albany NY having a great time.
Look even more boats
And Boats
And for a change up… sea weed. Hey is that my prop down there!
Carla Gernhofer and Director of marketing Chris Schmaltz of Hagerty Collector boat insurance... Hagerty is a major supporter of the ACBS and the largest insurer of vintage boats in the US and Canada..
Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shepherds..

The setting, Sunny day, crisp weather and pals
Chris Craft Celeb Chris Smith and Mike Green talk about a family photo.
And one more boat WITH humans.. It all came together this year.
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The "fun" boat in the second picture was a perfect 1950 Greavette 20' Sedan, which won best restored classic utility. It was finished on Thursday night and arrived Friday morning. The guy evidently loves sedans – he now has three of them.

    The white launch in picture 4, a 1918 Minett 34'(I think)launch is for sale, if you are interested. And if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

    The US boats were well represented, and took home some hardware. As beautiful and exclusive as the "Muskoka" boats, many of them have been repowered, with the result that it is nearly impossible to win hardware. There were some interesting discussions about this, as repowered boats in general are much less likely to be trailer queens and are repowered simply to allow them to be regularly used in a practical, reliable sense. This is particularly true when talking about boats from perhaps the early 30's on back, where original power might be idiosyncratic at best. It is saying something when many have them have been "repowered" with 1940's vintage Chrysler Royal 8's.

    The boathouse tours were over the top- many of the boats we saw are not shown and are owned by absentee seasonal residents who are not even ACBS members. ACBS members or not, they are members of the antique boating fraternity and were exceedingly gracious in allowing us to view their collections.

    I'll send in a few shots when I can sort through them all.


  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It's great to put faces with familiar names, especially those of Kathy and Stacy at ACBS HQ. Wendy Mersman and I often communicate via e-mail, she's ACBS Webmaster and also developed a website for our local Mississippi Valley Chapter which we are very grateful.

    Look out Gail Turner, now that WoodyBoater has your mug shot, no telling where it will show up next. Who knows?


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