More Fun In St Michaels. And Proof That Silver Arrows Are Real!


One of the Silver Arrows.. These are very cool boats and even cooler in real life!

The Maryland Sons Of varnish have been hard at play today in St Michaels Maryland.. Here are some more fun pics..

Meet me at the Corner f Cruiser and Cruiser.. This show has it all, the best the Mid Atalantic has to share.

I told you.. Just about everything.. I have no idea what this is. but its cool..

Another shot of Eulipion.. I told you it was over the top...sides.. look at that wood.. The details on this boat are beyond compare


More Silver Arrows..

Ahhhh, a U22, all is well again..

And a hacker craft.. just sitting there.. This year the boats are amazing from one report. We have had three reporters sending in stuff. What an amazing worls we live it..


Stay tuned for more updates from around the US. There are small shows going on all over. We have a fun report in from Thomas Holmes from Presque Isle… The report involves barbies in a wood boat.. Oh god!

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    What — no lapstrakes? Guess they’re all out fishing and these boats had to stay at the dock!

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