More Live In Lake Geneva.

Today was a day for setting up and tours. But many very nice boats began to show up. Here is a small tease to what is coming here. The quality of these boats are very high and this is a fantastic setting for some fun WoodyBoating..

One very …very nice Riva…very nice….

I can already tell. Winner best Lettering. .. Gage HackerMore Gage Hackers. These are amazing boats and even more amazing in person.Effie, my favorite 25 Chris Craft Sportsman… My wife walked by and said. Ohhh, I like that one. BINGO! I am in.. Now I just need to tell my son at college the bad news. Dad, can’t help the pizza / tuition / room and board fund any more. I’m sorry, your Mom made me do it..What can I say.. What could make this boat anymore outrageous….
The Abby Restort. home to the 2009 Antique & Classic Boat Show.
The name says it all
This is the killer Century that would not start in the first story. She was flooded…Simple issues can sometime be the hardest to solve. What a sweet boat.

Local Blackwater Chapter and WoodyBoater Matt Byrne’s Century. Another very cool boat with a very cool bow
I love it here! It’s like a family reunion..
1947 Gravette meets 2009 water.
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great Pic's from Lake Geneva Matt. I wonder if Dr.Rot has noticed that 25' Chris-Craft Sportsman yet?

    Is that pink boat a '56 Lone Star Meteor? The only thing more outrageous would be if that Stuffy Palamino Girl from Smith Lake was sitting on the deck… I heard a rumor that those girls follow the boat shows around the country!

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