More Live-ish Photos and Report From Keels And Wheels 2016 – Lots Of Photos!


Amazing yachts! Texas big!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Rob Lyons from The Antique Boat Center we have some nice ..and in focus photos and info from the Keels and wheels event held this weekend. Take it away Rob!


This is a fantastic idea!

Update from K&W’s. Two great days at Seabrook. Lots of boats and cars, definitely something for everyone. Once again our friends Paul Merryman and Bob Fuller have put on a great event. Truly bringing together the very best old and new of the boat and car world. K&W welcomes all from the boating hobby.


The kids did not build this one 1955 Willis Comet C- Class Runabout


1959 Century Resorter


Dang! Sweet steam powered magic


The Navy YP655 is still there


Big Best in Class winner  Winner Geronimo Stan Craft 21 Torpedo


Geronimo and a bunch of British cars. I bet they are still there trying to start.


Dan Diel providing a seminar on boat cleaning. Or How to clean a cobras bottom without dieing!


1964 Riva – Champagne Taste – best in class winner


Century best in class winner


38 Special. I love these! so did the judges “Best in class” and Best Chris craft


More cool 16′ Chris Craft Racer – 38 Special. Thanks to the MBBW gang for this one! and owner Jonathan Reus for saving it for all of us to drool over


Early whaler 16 footer. Dang! modern power.. all perfect.


These are starting to look cool!


Freedom 1948 Higgins


Sara – 1926 Dispro!


This is an amazing Woody car find! WOW Read the note below. From the film Lolita. If you have never seen that film. The 1997 one, the old one had Shelly Winters in it. Yikes. Here is a clip. Its wrong in so many ways.





Thanks to Rob for taking the time to send in a great report! now click on the Antique Boat Center website and buy something to thank him! Come on! CLICK!


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  1. Jeff Funk/President ACBS International
    Jeff Funk/President ACBS International says:

    Ditto on Rob’s comments. I was there and the show was fantastic as usual…and never disappoints. Cudos to the ACBS Southwest Chapter for another great event!

  2. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    These seems like a great event! Love the mix of classic boats and classic cars!

    Definitely helps keep me motivated now that I just finished my 6th coat of paint on out ’69 Cavalier Ski Boat… Just 13 days left till the big Seattle Parade Day ?

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    This show has traditionally here not been reported well. It always felt like a huge parking lot with boats and cars. Robs photos really tell a much better story and you can see how much fun it is. Thanks again for the great report. And boats in the water!

  4. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    I agree. That 38 special is a winner. Perfection! They always show so much better in the water. Now take that beauty out and beat her up a little bit. Could use a little patina.

  5. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    Love the shot of “Serenity,” now one of only two remaining Elco 57s. We owned her sister ship, “Matriarch” which we used for seven years in our wine and cheese cruise business.

  6. Gary Suttles
    Gary Suttles says:

    Rob, as a proud Triumph TR6 owner, the red one on the extreme right, I want to inform you that all the cars started and left without incident, except for one, the blue TR 4 in the picture which I able to jump start on its way — hey, nine out of ten ain’t bad — see you next year!

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