Mother Nature Was Not A Woody Boater This Weekend.

Without a doubt one of the strangest weekends this year. Off to a great auction with the promise of a barn find classic boat to be auctioned off. I am getting a Cobra for 100 bucks because no one will know what it is.. That’s the dream. The reality is, it’s raining cats and dogs. There are a ton of fiberglass crap fest sail boats, and a mess of hungry sharks, all with the same dream as mine. Mix in the early 60’s late 50’s Ventnor utility mess, with some real bad Miami Vice interior and a junk yard engine that the auctioneer thinks is worth 20K reserve and I was outa there. Wet, cold and getting ready to sit out the day asleep in front of the TV. BUT. It stopped raining. In fact it turned out to be a spectacular day here in VA on Sat. So I started to get boating. Sunday was going to be such a wonderful boating day in Lil Suzy.
It must have been a very funny joke in Mother Natures eyes. Sunday started with the same rain, and in fact got worse. Water over the dock that sort of day. So the whole weekend was a wash except for one thing. I was able to spend time with my beautiful bride and my mother in law. Who besides all the jokes. I love dearly. So I suppose in a strange way it was the weekend it was supposed to be. One spent with loved ones.

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  1. El Mirage
    El Mirage says:

    I myself being in Va. I can understand how your weekend went. While i did not make it to the auction, i did go take a look at a glen-l crackerbox that was on e-bay. turns out its about a mile from my house in an area i cut through all of the time, but had never seen. as most of these trips go…it looked better in the pictures and did not make reserve. i will keep an eye on it though.

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