Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Can Keep Us From Having A Crap Load Of Fun!

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Alex Watson, M-Fine, Chris Wise at the helm, and the Ramsys all out on The ultimate Patina Queen!

Alex Watson, M-Fine, Chris Wise at the helm, and the Ramsy’s all out on The ultimate Patina Queen!

Well, yesterday had it all. The day started out OK, a bit chilly, and then the storm hit. The Sunnyland gang made the call, to just ride it out and that was the right call. Cause when the rain stopped, man oh man the light came out. BAM, there were boats flying all over the place. Two days of pent up desire unleashed on Lake Dora. We shot over 1500 photos in just 2 hours and to be honest are just still weeding through them. We were able to capture a stunning blue XK 19 and The XK 18 Jet boat out having fun with the Baby Donzi.. And a once in a lifetime moment captured on film of Christopher Wise taking out on the water his Wise Craft boat his great grandfather built in 1928. This boat rides like velvet. All her original varnish. Her Patina is PERFECT.. Christopher could not contain himself. That boat was out driving around at every chance. And we were able to capture it. We are prepping a story on that as well.

In between little rain showers Chris had his family out on the boat for the first time. These moment s were very touching..

In between little rain showers Chris had his family out on the boat for the first time. These moment s were very touching..

Yet despite all the gloom and doom, this years show was a blast of color. the Correct Craft gang brought it all out. And it made the day. It may have been a bit cloudy in the sky, but it was sunny near the boats.


The Baby Donzis getting ready to go have some fun


Dale Kocian is here and ready to show you some nice nice gauges


The folks at Antique Boat Center had a great day with folks stopping to buy


The name says it all on this nice 18 Sportsman


Get those colorful covers on! Correct crafts come in all sorts of cool correct colors. These guys are amazing and know how to have some fun


Hull number 1 master Craft. I like that color


Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats and some nice parts.


Richard Arnold of Rejuvination Woodworks, brought his nice stuff to the party as well


Jims parts.


More plastic insanity. And oh nice being insane is.


Woody Boaters love dogs, we hope the feeling mutual


I want this boat, I cant afford it, but that doesnt stop me from drooling all over it. Thank god the rain came. Cleaned it all up from my love’n


Ebby Dupont and his real sweet Lyman. This boat is stunning.


Gotta love a flathead and Mahogany. Perfection


I cant make this stuff up.. I wish i could.. But my brain doesnt think, HEY, I’m gonna make an ice cream truck out of a … what the heck, where do you start with this. But its funny as hell, and made my day. So what ever it is. I LOVE IT

dora 2014



This XK is is insane nice, rides nice, runs nice and owned by the nicest guys on the planet. Planet Nice!

Dora 1

What can someone say, I have a million fire jokes all ready to go..

dora 4

The Glaspar gang was here in full force. What cool boats these are.

dora 15

More cool , and Avacado… Correct Crafts ready for the rain. Did I mention that these are a cool group. You can find out more at

dora 40

Marty likes to enjoy a Riva now and then

dora 41

The Turners and a very cool hard top Aristocraft they build. What a generous and fun family. gail makes me laugh everytime I see her.

dora 44

Vintage trailers showed up, PERFECT!

dora 60

Christopher Wise and his great Grandfathers boat. COME ON lets go out on the water. Helll YA!

mmmm, heading out to play in a boat that has not been in the water for decades, original bottom... OK! Heck ya!

mmmm, heading out to play in a boat that has not been in the water for decades, original bottom… OK! Like i said before. Hell YA!


The Boatress was also having a great time! Dang, she may come back...

The Boatress was also having a great time!  No, really, I know the fake I am having fun look, this ones real… Dang, she may come back…

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    • Chris B.
      Chris B. says:

      That’s the most memorable boat of the week end she’s one unique ride with all the right stuff and some outstanding features that make her very special barrel back.

  1. Donna (Wise) Olavarria
    Donna (Wise) Olavarria says:

    Thank you for sharing the joy of our family on this special day and capturing it on film. I cannot express all the emotional feelings I had of riding in Cheerup for the first time, knowing my grandfather made her and after watching my nephew Chris dedicate so many loving hours and hard earned funds, finding her, buying her and restoring her. Life is Good! Aunt Donna.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Here are a few “behind the scenes” shots showing how Woodyboater and the Brass Bell get their high quality pictures. Huge thanks to Chris Wise and the Wise familly for providing the photo shoot boat, a 1924 boat built by Chris’s great grandfather.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Don Ayers and Alex Watson with the cameras in the shot above and the one below. Here Don shows us how to add Mojo to the shot with his holy crotch.

      • WoodyGal
        WoodyGal says:

        M Fine, looks like Chris had engaged the special antigravity device on Cheerup, that musta been fun!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    After that display we kicked Don out of the boat and let him drive the racer and Woodyboater joined Alex to take a few more shots…

  4. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    Matt, that last shot with Sue. You are definitely a glass half full guy, BUTTTTT you are fooling yourself there, I’ve seen that look and you need a tune-up on the old radar. That’s not her thought’s HA HA HAAAAAAAA

    (700 miles to stand in a cold rain, what the HELL WAS I THINKIN) And he is tryin to sell this to me as Our Little Get-a-way, yea right)

    • mike k
      mike k says:

      matt, i had to pass this by the admiral, her comment hmm arms crossed, not happy, what did he forget her birthday, anyhow seems like your next stop will be the florist or jewelery store.

  5. Robin [Wise] McCall
    Robin [Wise] McCall says:

    Thank you Woodyboater for headlining our family’s boat in your story. All the way from California, I read your blog today with great joy, being so proud of what my cousin, Chris, has done to get our great-grandfather’s boat back into the Wise family and back into the water where it belongs. Cheers to Cherup and to everyone in our family that helped make this happen!

  6. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    It was all great fun! The best part is always the people, the ones you already know and the new ones that you meet for the first time. Thanks to all for the totally awesome boat show.

  7. Troy
    Troy says:

    After the rain stopped Jim, Mark, and Woody Gal were headed out to charge the battery after a couple hours of bilge pump usage.

    I was lucky enough to be standing on the docks as they were headed out.

    Thanks again Jim!

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      Woody Gal took the controls.

      For some reason she was concerned I would tamper with her photo. I don’t understand why?

      You don’t mess with perfection.

  8. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    I’m back in Tallahassee, Al Benton now on way to Alabama and Tennessee before calling it a day…Southbound cruise and show were great. Terry and his volunteer pulled off another great one…the rain just made it a diffferent experience. ( oh the Florida Highway patrol out in force on I-75 and I-10 but Al evaded thm all…)

  9. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Even though I did not bring a boat, I am proud to announce I did win an award this weekend. I won the coveted “Room with the best view” award.

  10. Jack
    Jack says:

    Do you have another picture of the boat WoodyGal and Troy are riding in? Look’s like my ’42 Delux Chris Craft. Would
    love to hear from you.

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      It is actually Jim Frechette’s ’42 18′ Chris Craft Deluxe Utility, Blue Moon II.

      What a Great Boat!

  11. KevinM
    KevinM says:

    What an amazing collection of boats on display this weekend. I trucked the whole family out despite the clouds and glad I did — nobody fell in the lake, the kids had fun picking their favorite (the Chris Craft cabin cruiser at the end of the far dock) and I even got a Guinness out of the deal (thanks O’Keefes’!). Already looking forward to next year’s show.

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