Never To Late Live-ish From Whitefish Lake Montana!

Hello From Montana!

Longtime fellow Woody Boater Mike Mayer from Lake Oswego Boat Co sent us in this fantastic report from MONTANA! Dang, what a busy weekend it was last weekend across the US of A Should I play some Lee Greenwood? OK, maybe later. You want boat show pics, and we got them right here. No Captions, so we can make them up! Take it away Mr Mayor, MR Mayer? I never get it right.

Thats a fun crowd for sure!

Last weekend my family and I participated, for the first time, in the Whitefish Woody Weekend.  It was a little over 10 hours for us but worth every minute on the road.  Driving through the western states is one of my favorite places to drive and Montana is #1 for me.

Mike Mayer in Stella!

This non-judged show is at the perfect location and the location, The Lodge at Whitefish Lake, couldn’t be more accommodating.

The accommodations! Perfect

They knew what you wanted before you even did.  Stella’s battery went dead for some reason and when I pulled my head out of the engine compartment a nice young man was standing on the dock with a battery jumper box for me.

Stunning location, water and boats. Life is good

At the intersection of antique and classic boats

At the dock, Love the vintage out drive and little kicker!

This show sold out by April this year.  Of the 40 boats registered, 16 have never been to the show before.  We were among them and saw a bunch of pals from Chelan and other shows.  We also met a lot of new friends.

More fun! What the hell is that all about? No one is allowed to have fun!

Lets go boating!

Bernie is that you?

Says it all!

Ohhhhhh! Twin engine 25. That’s the boat!

Montana sparkling varnish!

Wood and water.

Very cool rainbow wake

Stunning! The only one on the planet? 1929 Schillo! There are links in the comment section.

And a hot dog. Really? A hot dog, Ok, its a killer dog, and, wait, its a hot dog.

6 different chapters were represented and 19 different boat manufacturers were on display.  This very well organized show had a perfect balance to it.  There was something to do everyday but not too much stuff squeezed in.   Plenty of time to catch up with new and old friends alike.

Boats! Yeah!

Perfection. Flat water, mountains, blue sky ! Ahhhhhhh

Timeless fun!

OK, whatever they are doing, it looks like fun!

Breath taking backdrop!

There was a Friday night cruise, rides for the public on Saturday and a Poker Run on Sunday morning.  All the while good friend and great photographer Wes Yandt was wandering the docks taking pictures of everything. A huge thanks to Tim Salt who organizes this thing and does an amazing job!

Very cool setting for a show

Don’t hand me that thing! HA

He was also a “card stop” on the Poker Run so he got a lot of great action shots out on the water.  All in all a great show.  I’ve already booked my room for next year!

It aint a boat show until someone gets towed home! man this show had it all.

Woohooo! bacon!

Thanks to all our readers from all across the country for contributing and sharing the fun of the best culture out there!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Smoked whitefish salad and a side of bacon? Sounds like a good brunch before having that hot dog for lunch. Mmmmmmmm

    Seeing the vintage towables getting use was great, but judging by the historical photographs, I believe the proper way to experience the full thrill and danger of those things is without a life jacket.

  2. Shep
    Shep says:

    Looks like a great show! Love the scenery around the lake. Header picture is awesome to!
    The second picture looks like a GarWood runabout. Looks like same windshield hardware on my boat. Wonder if it is a 1947?

  3. BK
    BK says:

    Great show, great weather in a fantastic location. Who’s that goofy dude with his hate on backwards with the two babes-geeeez

  4. Ol'Salt
    Ol'Salt says:

    The Gar Wood is a 1946 and like Shep’s has spent some time upside down. Legend has it that it spent some time in Davey Jones locker before being brought back to life.

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