Not So live-ish But At Least We Have Photo's of BSLOL's 34th Annual Antique & Classic Rendezvous on Lake Minnetonka.

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Eric Sandin and his trusty calculator… we can enjoy another show. It aint over til it’s over… The BSLOL’s show was held on the 12th. Click here for his photo’s of the show..So by now what you see is a frozen block of ice and there are folks drilling holes just to fish…. Eric was so kind as to break down the shows boats. For some reason I am guessing that Eric is into math… just a hunch!

“There were 59 boats total.
12% were fiberglass,
6% were metal,
35.6% were outboards – down from 41% last year.
32.2% were Chris-Craft, 12% were Thompson/Cruisers/Grady-White,
10.5% were Century.”Dan Nelsons Higgen’s. And she is for sale See More On Nelson Boat Works Here. Ya won’t be needing this soon up there!
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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Dan Nelson's 1955 23' Higgins Convertible is a beautiful boat.

    Looking at that Evinrude Lawn-Boy mower makes me wonder if this was the original reason why we always try to get the wife to mow the lawn. Remember the old story about John-Boy Walton starting his own lawn care business, and everyone referred to him as "Lawn-Boy"…

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I'm the one that did the statistics. I think it is a good thing for folks to know what participates up at these events. One thing it shows, is how this particular rendezvous has changed over the ten years or so I have been attending. Outboards and fiberglass/aluminum were snubbed then. Now they are a very important component of the activity. Changing trends!

    Oh, there is SNOW on the ground today in Minneapolis! I think I'll get in another boating cruise tho!


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