Not To Beat A Dead Horsepower, But Algonac Is Just 11ish Days Away!

texx shoot algonac

Texx and I will be shooting a terabyte of shots. Bring your magic!

The clock is ticking and my gas pedal foot is twitching. Ready for my 10 hr ride to Mecca. I will be bringing a case of Woody Coffee Varnish mugs as well. You can never have enough coffee varnish. 20 coats a morning is recommended. It’s OK if you eat a sand paper biscotti between cups.

Varnish Coffee bisotti

A nice 220 grit Biscotti keeps me regular!

Anyway back to Algonac.. Which I will be doing, for the third time in 5 years. If your on the fence about the trip, get off it. You will be blown away by the magic waters and deep history. Other that the amazing cruiser show out in Port Orchard, you won’t see cruisers like this all done up far beyond reason. There is a loose plan to gather on Friday Night and watch the sunset there. By the way that’s around 10Pm If you go for one thing, that may be it.

Food barge

How did they get that yummy BBQ to the Island for Fridays lunch? Like everything else there. BOAT!

I hope it can happen, its an unofficial part of the show. But that’s the magic of the folks there. These are a fun crowd who love to go boating. So lock the kids in the basement, leave the cat and open a box of cat food, tell the boss who got the fever and puss is coming out of a thing.. That’ll free you up. BTW, You know what your about to watch right?

Just let us know if you use the pimple excuse, so we don’t plaster you and your boat enjoying the water all over the interneter.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Definitely a show not to miss, that I will be missing. 🙁

    (No I did not watch the video. 🙂 )

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Troy, go ahead, watch it. Do it for us. I’m not going to.

    Algonac remains on my short list this year. Maybe next.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Not me. Just seems like bad mojo. Somebody needs to keep Paul away from it as enough bad things already happen to him when he travels. Maybe it would be opposite down under? Think Andrew might watch it and report back?

  4. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    In the meantime, the Allegheny Chapter of the ACBS is having their show at Conneaut Lake, PA this coming weekend and is being joined by the Century Boat Club in what should be an amazing variety of Century Boats featured. So, one could stop there first on the way to Algonac…………………

  5. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Troy, Al, you guys are really missing out! Water levels kept us out of Algonac for two years and so there’s a lot of pent up Historic Boat Mojo that’s been building and now it’s going to be released!! In a very big way!! Plus it’s the Michigan Chpt. ACBS’ 30th Anniversary – One of the biggest Chpts. in the Country! I can’t hardly wait!! And I still don’t have my Boat done! But I’ll be there anyway!!
    Here’s a video of one of the Cruiser’s likely to be there.

    • Jeri Packer
      Jeri Packer says:

      Bill, I’m a reporter for The Voice and would like to use your comments for a story I’m doing on the boat show!! I’m a local reporter for the Algonac-Marine City areas.

  6. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Being a retired Fireman I have seen a lot of weird stuff but breakfast will hafto wait after watching the video.

  7. Laclede
    Laclede says:

    We usually get boats and bacon- but this morning we were derailed by half the story being about draining an infection.
    The woman has skills but I think she is a veterinarian or an operating room nurse.
    Generally, if you are going to do an operation like this, have the patient lying down, not sitting up- because they may pass out and hit their head.
    That isn’t a zit- it is an epidermal inclusion cyst which means it has a full capsule of skin cell producing tissue like a grapefruit rind- under the skin. All that stuff coming out is not really pus- it is dead shed skin cells and smells like cheese left in a pile of old gym socks.
    What she is doing wrong is she is leaving the capsule behind, and it will recur until the entire capsule is removed.
    Also, you spelled it as puss, when it should be pus. In medicine we go out of our way to get that right, and say things like ” has copious pus”. By misspelling it, you often end up with records that say ” this was a pussy infection”, which is an entirely different thing, and doesn’t make good video.
    This forum is useful for showing how to fix boats, and how not to fix them.
    That video shows a lot of things done right, but the fundamental problem is the left behind skin shedding capsule- it needs to come out. The wound also needs to be thoroughly washed out, but be careful where it is all running down to, to avoid puss in boots.

  8. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Normally we don’t worry about correct spelling, but Laclede makes a strong case for its importance with regard to pus.

  9. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    Too many shows, not enough weekends. ACBS St. Michaels this coming weekend. So, if anyone out there finds theysef in the Tidewater area, come over to the big sheew… CQ

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      Also, a great show up in northeast Michigan this weekend, in the little town of Presque Isle, just north of Alpena. A Lunch and tour around Grand Lake and then a dinner in a 100+ year old lodge, on Friday. The Classic show on Saturday is in the newly built Harbor with nice floating docks, off Lake Huron.

  10. Matt
    Matt says:

    Great now I need to add pus to the dictionary section . And also now I can’t fix it cause no one would understand the come t which for the record is better tha. The story. Ha! On to algonac !

    • dave Clyne
      dave Clyne says:

      I have no idea what you are talking about. No, I will not watch the video. Boats, please, not the weird and freaky stuff.
      Jack, get me a picture of a Century Palomino. You are further along than i am with my restoration. Did i mention the Trojan still has a vibration after changing the motor mount and the Cutter did not start after changing the gas ? Not a good boat day yesterday. I am in recovery today.

  11. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It’s now 4:30 PM central time. Curiosity got the best of me; I watched the video. Amazing!

    Dang, wish I could be in Algonac 11 days from now…

  12. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    OK, I am going to brag a bit. Not only am I going to the Algonac show, but I get to go there EVERY weekend!

    I can’t wait!

  13. Kent Baker
    Kent Baker says:

    I am going… but on the fence as to if I will bring my boat….
    by water if the forecasts are perfect, or by trailer if I cam get the trailer re-fitted on time…
    is there any room for late registration boats?

  14. Barbara Tronca
    Barbara Tronca says:

    My husband and I are with the Pacific NW chapter and are excited about coming to Algonac.
    Also a special note, there is a tour of the Algonac Marine Cast Products foundry – the original foundry providing then and now parts for Chris Craft, Friday morningl Showing the process of drawings to castings and then final machining…and then running very recognizable parts like struts and rudders. Should be really informative!

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