Official Poster For The Sunnyland Show. Provokes The Most Treacherous Spelling Challenge In Woody Boater History.

The Official Poster.

Here ya go, one more step towards normalcy. The Poster, and if there is a poster, it has to be actually happening. And according to the poster, a whole lotta bunch of stuff is happening. Like, a smorgasbord of stuff. A Cornucopia of classic boatness. An Omelette so to speak. An eclectic collection of vintage boaterness. A Quilt of classicness, a Classic Casserole of things that breakdown and we love them for that. A universe of obsoleteness. A convention of things we spend time on to stop time, a, okay I have run out of spelling land mines.

See. More than a boat show. It’s a Show-A-Rama, a ShowShowShow, A Showathalon, a, a, a,

WHAT? An English Car Show? What? What about the old train that runs through town, the old popcorn truck, the motorcycles that tow small boats? The Woody Wagons that bring the Joy of Varnish hell to the car universe. What about the home made Ice cream? The CHICKEN N A STICK! The 10$ burgers? This poster could be printed on a roll. Where do you start and stop? YOU DONT! You just go! And bask in the magic that is Florida, and all the Crazy that it has to offer. BTW, I doubt there will be a Jaguar there. I mean its planned to be there. But you know. YA. HEY! Dont shoot me. Shoot The Prince of darkness.

DISCLAIMER: Todays story was a minefield of potential spelling issues for me. Trust me, I don’t set out to butcher the Webster Dictionary. I really don’t. It just happens and I even have spell check, grammar check, and still crap flows through my brain into my fingers and then with one PUBLISH click to your eyeballs. Sorry.

HAPPY HEADER DAY, This story wiped me out. Oh and I need to drive for 6 hrs and need to leave early. So click and refresh to bask in old headers. It’s a Headertriathalon, a …. Dear god!

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    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      You are worried about a minefield of spelling challenges and then misspell a two letter word! What could be more WoodyBoater than that? 😀


      FYI the proper spelling is “ON” as in “CHICKEN ON A STICK”

  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    See you there!!!

    We are excactly one month (31 days) out till departure day. February 27th.

    Oh Ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Skubick
      Tim Skubick says:

      Come to Michigan there’s plenty of places to get a burger for less than $10. Good God, Man…… Avocado doesn’t belong on a burger, bacon yes. Avocado. NO

  2. Ron STEVENSON in Seattle
    Ron STEVENSON in Seattle says:

    Happy birthday Mr. B!

    Hey, is there a 12-year-old IT guy out there who can tell me why my header day never works? It will refresh once and then dies. Humph!

    Seven days to the 75th Big Seattle Boat Show…somebody should write a story…

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      YOU should write a story and send it to Matt for final formatting and publishing.

      Better yet, yu culd right a storee four hymn.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:


      You have to wait about a coupled of minutes before header day will refresh. It used to do it immediately but not any longer.

      If that does not work try kissing (or licking) your computer.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    So we’re talking about a boat buffet? These food references are making me hungry. I doubt that burger will still be $10. Its going to be an interesting show with the current state of affairs. I’m wondering how many Karens will be there to “correct” our behavior.

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