OK, We Tried To Do This On A Volunteer Basis. You’re Now Drafted!

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We tried to be nice.. But sorry,  if you have a boat in the area.. Within 100 miles or have any connection to the service, son, daughter, grand daughter in the service, you are here by notified that you MUST show up with a boat. And NO going to a boat show in Canada.. IS Not a way out, or a letter from your congressman telling us how you have flat feat.. NOPE.. Get a buzz cut, suck it in, shine those shoes.. It Semper Fi time… You can read more on this on the story below if you still want to do this the nice way…

Jacksonville, North Carolina

New River Air Station is part of Camp LeJeune and it is at their facilities that the Blue Ridge Chapter will be hosting this military appreciation event for the US Marines and their families. There are a lot of fun activities planned and we would like to give everyone a brief outline to go along with the attached registration form. Check out on their web site: www.mccsnr.com

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  1. Robert Miracle
    Robert Miracle says:

    Miracle Photography will be reporting for duty Sir! We are really looking forward to this wonderful event. We consider it an honor to photograph our troops enjoying all of the beautiful antique boats for Woody Boater readers. Hope to see you all there!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks Robert – We are looking forward to the coverage from the Camp Lejeune Military Appreciation Event next weekend and of course your awesome photography.

      Alan & Faye Smith (“SmithSkiff”) will also be there with Robert & Linda Miracle and Ginger & Randy Clark (“OoRAH”) to assist with the Live-ish reports from the event for Woody Boater.

      This is guaranteed to be a unique, fun, classic boating event for a great cause – The US Marines and their Families.

  2. Pumpkin
    Pumpkin says:

    Yikes! I only bought a Captain’s hat from you – do you have a General’s Hat with scrambled eggs on the bill, etc.???????

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Sorry Matt – Would love to help out but 11 hours each way is just too much, when a few days after that I have to drive home. Would be a no brainer if it was only 3 or 4 hours.

  4. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    paul…a group of us from florida are caravaning up…leaving weds. afternoon (kid in high school)…come join us!!!
    then heading back afterwards…come on…we’d love to have you & karen join us!!!

  5. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Looking forward to this show! It is going to be one to remember, for more than one reason. Driving there is going to be a small payback when you compare the trip to what these men and women have given to all of us…See y’all soon!

  6. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    just learned of the long journey paul & karen are going to be making in mid april and we wish them a very safe trip!! hope to see you all next year! OoRAH

  7. Victor Fabricius
    Victor Fabricius says:

    This is classic

    “And NO going to a boat show in Canada.. IS Not a way out, or a letter from your congressman telling us how you have flat feat.”

    I had my passport all ready and the ice is out (and I’m 4F), guess I’ll have to cancel the trip north to go to this.

    Victor Fabricius (editor for Blue Ridge Chapter newsletter)

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