OK, You’re Not Going To Believe This. The Sunnyland Show Is In 75 Days!



What the heck? Where did winter go? You only have 75 days, or just a little more than two, 2, yes 2 months to get ready! OH GOD! And really if you think about it, its really only 11 weekends! AHHHHHHHHH! Are you ready? Have you made your hotel, house, trailer, campsite reservations? And to think, this event has been going on for 30 years and its not like we don’t all know when it is?


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Now, if you are new to all this Lake Dora Sunnyland winter hype. Trust us, it’s more than a show, its hope! It’s hope and something to look forward to, something that reminds us that we are not alone in our barns. That the snow happening today outside my window, will melt and turn into more water to go boating on!  It’s a time set aside to work towards, a deadline to have your boat ready to go Woody Boating. It’s not a show, its a pilgrimage, its our Daytona, our Super Bowl, our start of the year.


We bring all the good stuff. Come on by and hang out! Its more than a tent, its party central and we LOVE meeting all of you!

If you have never been, my god man, you need to go. Imagine Hundreds of boats, thousands of wooden boat fans, an amazing flea market, and get this.. Yes hard to imagine right now. 70 degree days! And yes, going boating. And we all do. Lots of it.


Just ONE of 5 Docks of classic magic

In fact, shhhh don’t tell anyone, but we do mostly boating. We take people out, we are taken out, and we eat, we drink, and we stay up late.. Past 9 even sometimes.


Afternoon get togethers


Amazing food, if you know where to go!

The Sunnyland ACBS Chapter is one of the biggest and best in the world. They are the standard in how we all compare how a boat show is judged. Its effortless and seamless and runs like a well oiled machine. Terry Fiest,who knows how to lead has been leading the show for years and it shows.


Your boat is treated like family! Because it is of course!

The Volunteers are amazing. AMAZING! There is now other way to say this, but this show is one of the reasons that this passion is fun! The day you head home you sigh and know that its a year away to come again, and now we are just a little over 10 weeks away!


The boat rides through the canals are magical and fun!

Over the next two months stay tuned to Woody Boater for updates and things to do and places to stay if you do not have a room yet. If you are new to the show we will even be doing a story on that with advice from others. And if you really want to dive in big time. You can come the week before and after and make it an almost month long celebration of it all. With long cruises up the St Johns River.


Serious Fun In Florida All Winter. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON RACES

And Vintage Boat Races the week before. YUP. Serious racing the way it was done and still is.


This stuff happens all the time right at the show! Photo Arron LaDonne

So CLICK HERE and register today and start your vacation plans NOW. Before you know it, we will be doing reports on the big 30 day countdown. YIKES, in a little over a month!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Oh Ya! I have been counting down since “Haul Out”.

    Doing the south bound St. Johns again this year the week before Dora. Can’t pass up an afternoon at Silver Glen Springs.

    And here is the header that got me hooked!

  2. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Going, reserved my room last week, can’t wait and this year I will actually be able to motor around without worrying if I can make it back to the dock with my new VanNess engine. 🙏

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I booked a flight on Southwest. Now I find out that their bags fly free policy does not include boats. Not even boats that are under 25′.

    I am thinking the best course of action is to buy an old pontoon off of Craigslist when I get there and then I can store it in Paul’s yard until the next show. Up on blocks…surrounded by garden nomes to keep an eye on it. Oh, and a bathtub Marry too!

    • Jim Staib
      Jim Staib says:

      Stop after you land and get a cooler. Fill it with cold beer. Walk down the dock and offers for a boat ride will be flying your way. Way easier than hauling a boat 2500 miles.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I am set on go, reservations made, flight lined up, etc etc.
    Now Matt and I have discussed running a clearing house for folks driving down with an empty hitch that might want to offer to tow boats down…for a nice fee and gas money of course.
    Let’s hear some feedback on that concept.
    Mini blizzard here in Va today….this too will pass and Dora awaits. NOT going boating today….John in Va.

  5. John A Gambill
    John A Gambill says:

    Booked my room and registered our boat a few minutes ago. Matt you are a dog! Why did I read this today> See yah in Florida!

  6. Sandi Trocinske
    Sandi Trocinske says:

    Can’t wait. It is our first Mt. Dora show. Coming from frigid Minnesota weather, we look forward to some warmer temps.

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Troy, I AM bringing a boat. Whirlwind…hope to find a tow for hire….you might drive down from the artic like last year…including the whole of the eastern shore of the Chesapeake….but I am too old for such pain.
    Let’s hope there are some takers for my deal.
    See you are planning to do the St. Johns !!! neat!
    John in Va.

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