One Shoot Turns Into Another, And Then Another. LOOP ALERT!


Lets roll, camera film roll. On an iphone with no camera roll.

Late in the afternoon, I went out to WECATCHEM to grab some photos on an new story and as the sun was starting to set, I thought. mmmm this is some perfect light, I am going to go out and shoot photos. But then, something happened. I was in a debate with myself. Why not enjoy it. We have all seen sunset shots out the wazoo. And there is something about a private peaceful moment.

Ham at the helm, Kelsey watching a distant storm

But the light gods just kept ramping it up. And to top it off, I had young people on board. Real live young people. And they can’t help themselves from creating perfect photos. I fought the situation. This is my family on a family cruise. But gad! look at that photo.. And so the loop of do and don’t kept swirling in my brain.

The colors, The Sisters, The varnish.

Storms ahead. CLOUDS!

Slow cruising into Reedville and the stack that welcomes all.

Kelsey and Ham, are up here for the week from New Orleans, and since the two storms are gonna hit decided to stay a bit longer. As many of you know they run a business called LOWTIMERS. And are also using this trip as a buying trip. They buy lots of old clothing. So if you have some cool stuff, they will buy it. See, one shoot turned into another and another. Trying to focus this story you are not reading because the photos are so nice, now has you in a loop! AHHHHHHHHH!

This amazing Norwegian classic sailboat is up the creek from us and just makes me smile when I see her.

Grab some wine..

Just sit back and enjoy the magic of the magic hr and just let go.. And know today is? Wait? What day is it?



Hard to find on the page since she is surrounded by masterpieces of mahogany.

She needs you to VOTE THE BOAT HERE!!!!!

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  1. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Amazing photos. Nothing like the open water to allow for some great sky backdrops. And the lines on that sailboat are beautiful. Makes me want to take up sailing a woodie. Maybe in my next life.

  2. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Nice photos! We visited Lowtimers last January. Lots of cool stuff. Hope it’s all still there after the storms.

  3. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    The sail boat looks like a 22 square meter.
    There was a fleet of them, called Udells (U22’s) that used to race out of Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Harbor in Chicago years ago. I think there are only one or two left in Chicago. My parents had one in the sixties. You can pick them out so fast the way they look on the water.
    They were built in Sweden by Knud Reimers.
    Awesome boats.

    • Bradford
      Bradford says:

      She’s an Anker & Jensen, 8 metre…a cruising 8. Hull no. 480 42-6 LOA 8-3 beam from Vollen, Norway…suburb of Oslo. 1952 built, so after Johan Anker’s death.

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