Perfect Weather In Toledo, Ohio For A Boat Show – No Irene In The Land Of Lymans and Darts


When was the last time you had an opportunity to see a late 1920’s Dart Runabout barn find? Floating? Well, thanks to fellow Woody Boater Jim Staib from Fine Wood Boats, we have some images of one from the 2011 Toledo Antique & Classic Boat Show featuring Dart Boats. The 5th annual event, which is under way this weekend at the Toledo Maritime Center, is held in conjunction with the S.S. Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship and Ramsey Brothers Restorations.

We don’t know a great deal about this cool Dart Runabout, but Jim indicated that it was currently owned by Ramsey Brothers Restorations from Toledo, Ohio. On the Ramsey Brothers Restorations web site, they refer to it as an Indian Lake – Dart Hull Number 255, a boat with an interesting history! Maybe we can get them to chime in with more information.

Dart boats were originally built in Lima, Ohio in the mid-1920’s by the Indian Lake Boat Company. In 1928 a group of businessmen purchased the rights to build Dart Boats and relocated the manufacturing to Summit Street in Toledo, Ohio. The Great Depression devastated the Dart Boat Company which ceased production in late 1933. It is estimated that less than 40 Dart Runabouts exist today. Ohio’s Yesterdays wrote an interesting story about the Indian Lake – Dart Boat Company, you can click here to see the full story.

Here’s what Jim had to say about the Toledo Boat Show…

It was a nice “Regional” boat show. About 3/4 Lymans and Darts. Both were made locally. Also had Ice boats, cars, and some historic displays about shipping in the Toledo area. The show is still open tomorrow (Sunday).

Steve Heitman brought this beautifully restored 1929 26′ Dart – Silver Dart “Temperance” from Mount Dora.

“Temperance” is powered by a 225HP 6-cylinder Kermath engine.

A Cute Correct Craft…

Some Little Lymans…

A “Pair” of Transoms…

Another impressive Dart runabout…

Fins and More Fins!!

The Antique Boat Center brought a “Water Ready Lyman.”

A nicely done “Fiberglassic” on land display…

Some nice vintage iron was also on display, with some Ice Boats on display in the background…

“Such Crust IV” – An aluminum Hydroplane…

What’s left of the 1710 Allison in “Such Crust IV”.

A very cool Ford Woody Wagon with a wooden teardrop trailer…

The wooden teardrop trailer was unique, and appeared to be well restored…

A rare and unusual “Mosquito” kids pedal boat.

Thanks Jim for sharing your photos and story with us, we need to get out to the mid-west boat shows more in the future. We should note that Jim stayed at the recommeneded host hotel across the river from the show which was the Crown Plaza Toledo Hotel. Jim rode his Harley-Davidson 650 miles to attend the show in Ohio, and when he arrived at the hotel and they went out of their way to provide a safe, secure location for Jim to park his bike at the hotel. As a biker, I know how difficult this can be, and appreciate what they did for Jim during his stay in Toledo.

Jim Staib’s Fine Wood Boats is located in McHenry, Illinois and supplies new & used parts for the antique & classic boat hobby. You can go directly to Jim’s web site by clicking here.


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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Wow thanks Jim and Texx. I love that worn out dart floating.
    If looks so cool like that. Really interesting post thanks Jim.

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Fantastic. Dart boats are cool. Many other great shots. Thanks. But what is the deal where the show is mostly Lymans and all you give me is a group shot of some cute Lyman Leaders? and that AntiqueBoatCenter Waterready. Where is the best place to go to feed my need? Did you see any 18′ outboards? Lapstreaks if you don’t mind. Thankyou

  3. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Thanxx Texx & Jim, biker brothers of the road! Interesting to see a floating barn find, would like to see more about this boat & it’s history. Love the complete woody package, Ford wagon & trailer.

  4. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    You could have Lockpat sitting next to that Dart and there would be more interest in the Dart. Very, very cool!

  5. KB
    KB says:

    I was docked next to “Temperance” and studied their photo album. Great work! The Kermath engine is acutally a straight-8 cyl. overhead cam, 32-valve engine! The polished valve cover made it really impressive.

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