Perfect Weather, Perfect Boats, Perfect Smiles – Reedville Classic Was Perfect.

Jimmy and YANNON headed to the show

A huge thanks to all the great folks that came out and shared your hello’s and good wishes at this years Reedville Classic Event. The entire town was busy, restaurants full, and the weather did not disappoint as predicted. Heck, even Dorian took a turn out to sea and lowered to a tropical storm in honor of the event. YA, no really! We have a deal with mother nature. Ohhh there will be a payback at some point for sure. The tides were a little crazy for sure.

I had three boats to get there early. I love an early morning ride

I took some photos and didnt send myself any captions, which of course means I get to make them up! Woohoooo! Once again, and again, and again, thanks so much for all the goodness. We did break many records, regarding boats that showed up, people and size. And yes, I think we just about sold out of T – Shirts.

Going past Butler’s Railway! A wonderful place for sure


Wood work boats all around town. If you look closley, several deadrises, a Buyboat and two Skipjacks

LOVE! Here from St Micheal’s at the Crazy Crab! True Chesapeake Bay history

Really? This early? The Boatress despite this look had a blast and loved meeting many folks. I think she wanted me to get her something to drink and I said in a minute. Oh! Note to self, when she wants a drink, say.. YES DEAR..

Sweet Pea held her own

The museum was all snazzed up

Stinky was there to help push some T shirts. Yes Dane! I know.


Eric Zelman brought his perfect Wagemaker.

Young Mr Michael Farmer brought his just finished restore 13 Whaler. WOW!


Wonderful Classic Plastic

Even Capt John Smith showed up! Dang!

The Museum has lots of fun little buildings

The Workshop is great

They are restoring a PUSH BOAT. These are used as basecly engines that push the Skipjack

Local boat Builder Tiffany Yachts also made a series of Skiffany’s This is a wonderful example of one with the Cocktail set up


ALL Original Camaro and a wonderful Rocket. Belonged to the SEE’s CANDY Family and is set to be preserved.

John Rothert was out doing something strange with a Cutwater and his Whirlwind.

And then Jamie Taylor of Mahogany Hot Rods Facebook Group came with his very cool 1920’s Raceboat. This is an amazing boat with a killer big block. I grabbed my Iphone andtried to capture some of the fun!

Headed out

Lets go


Oh hell YA

What a cool boat!

And for those of you wanting a little Rumble Rummble! Here ya go!


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11 replies
  1. Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor says:

    It was an incredible day, with gorgeous weather and boats. Couldn’t have asked for better. The hospitality of the Reedville community is second to none.

    • Jamie Taylor
      Jamie Taylor says:

      It’s a replica of the 1922 Gold Cup winner which was owned by Col. Jesse Vincent, Vice President of Packard Motor Company. It’s a Chris Smith designed hull. This replica was built in 1998 by Mike Michaud. It powered by a mildly built, rectangle port 454 big block Chevy, which moves it along quite nicely.

  2. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Great Day Great show! Was able to check out Sweet Pea. Neat boat done up right. Brought home an old wood canoe and a t-shirt. Reedville really is a welcoming and quaint town and takes you back in time.

  3. Bill Smith
    Bill Smith says:

    Great show! Super friendly and helpful people. I really learned a lot and made some good contacts for a project I’m working on.

  4. John & Jane
    John & Jane says:

    Thanks Matt for the Adrift rec for dinner

    Nice to meet you and the “Boatress”. Your fleet is awesome. We had a lot of fun exploring VA

    Great show! Found a restored evinrude for one of our boats

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks so much for coming! Glad you got into Adrift. We tried and it was booked. Will that outboard fit into the overhead compartment? HA

    • John and jane
      John and jane says:

      We did the walk in bar table and the turnover seemed like something was always open ( their recommendations)

      The Evinrude is in janes seat. She’ll try to get a flight home tomorrow

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