Phil Phalls In Love With A Phutura In Buphalo.


buffaloWhile we prepare some fun oldie photos from our fellow Woody Boaters, read yesterdays story.. we were happy to get a message from fellow Woody Boater Phil Jones from Smith Mountain Lake while up in Buffalo. He asked if we wanted to see some pics from there. We instantly deputized Phil as a reporter. He was already wearing an official Woody Boater T shirt so no badge was necessary. Right away the shots started coming in… I was out on the water so could only see that texts were indeed coming in.. But a funny thing happened when I started down loading. One boat! Either only one boat showed up to the 36th Annual Niagara Frontier Antique and Classic Boat Show, OR Phil fell in love, and never left the dock. We know that the Buffalo show is an amazing show. But one Futura? Now… It is one very cool Futura, and I can understand Phil’s love.

LIZZIE is a 1956 Chris Craft Futura owned by Cathy Rugg

LIZZY is a 1956 Chris Craft Futura owned by Cathy Rugg


Phil is the owner of Betsy our beloved Cruiser that we featured years ago. So thanks Phil for the report. Our Sunday can now be spent googleing futuras.. Now back to sending in your oldies.. Tune in Monday  for Oldies week. You can add you pics in the comments all week   Here is a sample of whats coming in.. I promise all of you a very fun Monday! The shots are priceless! Guess who this is?

One of our fellow Woody Boaters sent this in. To quote him.."Make fun of my socks and I'll kick your ass." so!!!!!! Have at it, he can't all of us!

One of our fellow Woody Boaters sent this in. To quote him..”Make fun of my socks and I’ll kick your ass.” so!!!!!! Have at it, he can’t get all of us!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Missed the B-lo show yesterday due to little league and softball commitments. There is always an added thrill to boating on the upper side of the Niagara river. This loud, deep, rumbling in the background that makes you second guess any engine maintenance corners you cut recently.

    The socks are bad. Pulling them up tight is worse. Then there is the odd appearance of the right shoe. Did someone step in muck at the boat ramp?

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    I seem to remember there being 2 at the Michigan show I went to last year, One was black hulled and really popped, not that the other was a laggard by any sense. So Phil when are you picking one up?

    • Bill Hammond
      Bill Hammond says:

      The Black hulled Futura is named, Black Beauty and is extremely well cared for. It has been featured prominently in many CC Publications including the Brass Bell.

  3. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I love the buffalo show. I’ve had to miss it the last two years unfortunately..but it’s a great show with some amazing boats

  4. Carla
    Carla says:

    I think it’s Woody Boater I close? Looking forward to seeing my Century friends next weekend in Manistee and my ACBS compadres in Idaho the following week. Love September!!

  5. mack
    mack says:

    That is a sweet old cabin cruiser,had a few myself along the way. Alex Watsons’ header shot is one of the best boat shots I have seen,and I have seen many.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Thanks Mack. I’m truly flattered.

      It was fun taking it. I just left the helm, walked to the stern, handed the camera to my 6 year old (Salter), and held him over the transom.

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    Great time was had at the Buffalo Yacht Club.

    The weather was not the best but we really enjoyed our weekend there. If you want to go to a show that you get to use your boat this is definitely one show to attend.

    Friday we cruised through a lock station, then we ended up in downtown Buffalo. WOW what an experience. We were then led out into Lake Erie for the return trip back to the Yacht club. We got a little wet but who cares it was Friday and we were on a boat and NOT at work!

    Saturday started out nice. The race boats got out on the course and put on a fine display. Boat got judged all before noon that’s when the rain came down and washed out most of the afternoon activities.

    Sundays run was around the Grand Island with a stop above Niagara Falls. This was an adventure for sure, the back drop of the city and the mist shooting up above the falls was impressive. They say that you can hear the roar of the falls but I was sitting in the back seat of our boat and could only hear the rumble of the exhaust pipes. I didn’t want my brother to turn off the engine for fear of it not restarting. I will hear the falls on our next trip.

    Thanks again to the wonderful folks at the Buffalo chapter for a great weekend.

    Tom, Cindy, Ted & Carman Keyes

    Grandpas Dream

    P.S. I also had to try the famous Buffalo Wings mmmmmm

  7. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    Hey got thought the big boys and the sky opened up. HEY!!!! Will send them in Monday night. We can have a part two

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