Power Options for Your Classic Woody Ride

What’s under your engine hatch?

While traveling around to the various Antique and Classic boat shows this year, it was always fun to check out all the different types of marine power being used. This 1955 Chris-Craft 21′ Cobra “007” had a Chrysler Marine Hemi c/w twin supercharger’s….Very Cool!

Dave Wright & Mike Grannis brought out “Apache II” for the Lake Tahoe Concours, a 1922 29′ Hacker Gentlemen’s Race Boat powered by a 400hp Liberty aircraft engine. Ear plugs anyone?

Also at the Lake Tahoe Concours was “Nine Lives”, a 23′ Gentleman’s Racer sporting a 400hp Jaguar V-12 capable of 60 mph. Imagine what it sound’s like at full song?

“Truant II” a spectacular 1939 28′ Gar Wood Model 936 Triple Cockpit is also powered by an immaculate 316hp V-12 Scripps engine.

A rare Javelin outboard on display at the Sunnyland ACBS show in Tavares this spring.

A Model 208 Scripps 6 Cylinder on display at the Big Sky ACBS show.

Cole Franchini’s 1960 Skeeto is powered by a West Bend engine.

A blown big block Chevy powers this flat bottom race boat in Tavares. The rules for the passenger’s are 1. Get In… 2. Be Quiet… 3. HANG ON BABY!!
It passes everything on the lake except for the fuel station.

Vintage Johnson’s at Tavares….

Vintage Mercury Outboards on display at Tavares.

Another perfect V-12 Scripps in an early Chris-Craft in Tavares.

This wooden hydro was on display for everyone to enjoy at the Inland Empire ACBS show in Sandpoint, Idaho this year. Didn’t have the engine installed yet, but you can bet it won’t be a 131 KBL Hercules or a Javelin outboard.

It seems like you never tired of looking at Chrysler Hemi’s when their installed in classic boats. This one was in a 1953 Shepherd 110-S in Sandpoint.

“Bootlegger” is a 1937 24′ Hacker Triple powered by a 169hp Scripps 6 Cylinder.

With matching Woody Cooler….
No Grey Poupon jokes please, Matt’s still recovering from this 20 course dinner.

And last but certainly not least, this beautifully restored 1921 33′ Robert Yandt named “Greyhound” was powered by a 750hp Rolls Royce Meteor engine.
“Greyhound” was down from Seattle for the Columbia Willamette Chapter ACBS show in Portland, Oregon.


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    FRANCHINI says:

    What a great recap of both engines and boat shows! Now, if I can just figure out the mounts to get those twin Paxton's on the Skeeto! If you see Cole in full race gear heading toward the lake you will know whats up!

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    If you could ever get those blower's plumbed in to that West Bend, it's safe to assume that it would be the only Supercharged Skeeto on the planet! "Honey that's not the sound of a Bumble Bee, that's Cole racing across Lake Tapps in his Skeeto"

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