Quite Possibly The Best Lake Dora Florida Show Ever!

fla fri Miss AMerica

First thing in the morning. WOW what a way to wake up! Beats Starbucks any day!

We have been coming to this special show for almost a decade and hands down this year could be one of the best. Partly because the weather…Fingers Crossed… has been amazing. Flat water and sunshine.

FLA Fri 7

Morning on Lake Dora!

Partly because the boats are amazing ……. partly because the folks are amazing …. partly because the food is amazing ….. partly because the show is not so jammed packed. Put all the partlys together and you have one amazing event! The Tavares park is massive and can create the appearance that the show may be light this year. And in fact it may be a bit down. But the main docks are all full and Tavares keeps adding more docks.

fla fri 41

Around 10 AM. Full docks and plenty of walking around space. Oh what a difference a day makes though. Today is different! HUGE crowds expected.


Nothing like finishing at the VERY LAST minute. Sheila Davis adding her talents to Antique Boat Center’s “Miss ABC” 1950 CC Racing Runabout. Restored for the Sunnyland Show.

fla fri ABC Side

The Antique Boat Center Gang brought an AMAZING Racer. Restored in Two Months and she is amazing. The restoration world is changing!

fla fri ABC

Goodies for sale. And Sales are good!

FLA FRI chicken

Nothing says boat show like gut bombs

FLa Fri Fire

New different vendors at the flea market. Fun stuff

Fla Fri Gail Turner

Fellow Woody Boater Gail Turner from Aristocraft boats out with the family. Hey no Paparazzi! It’s the price of fame Gail..the price of fame!


Ready for business, and business is good!

There is such a positive vibe going on and we all have time to be able to chat with friends that we may see only once a year. The Palm Gardens Restaurant on the Dead River is a wonderful lunch treat and yesterday it delivered in spades with the Amphacars all having a fun party there. That was where the real show was yesterday. We all hung out and watched the parade of boats from the picnic go by while sipping on some suds and eating wings. Does it get any better? NO WAY! Enjoy the snow today. I think I will go WOOHOOODY boating!

Fla FRI -1

What is “Chops” filling that tank with? Original owner?




Vintage pontoon boat in its original setting!

fla Fri 4


FLA Fri Amphacars2

On Land!

Fla Fri header 2

Love this shot. All parked together

Fla Fri 31 Majestic

Just hang’n around. Lorraine Tamsky of Majestic Brightworks taking it all in.

Fla Fri 20

Then back to the show. Our wonderful sponsors from Majestic Brightworks. Love that boat and fun family!

fla fri graves

Fellow Woody boater and Sponsor Rod Graves from Graves plating. having a nice break from the show on the way back

fla fri plastic

Back at the show. Some plastic crazyness! WOW

FLA Fri Ramsey Bros

A Ramsey Bro, From Ramsey Brothers in Toledo. These guys are the best and love them some Dart boats

fla fri riva

Riva majic

fla fri store

The store is still stocked and selling better than before. We did bring more stuff and still selling out of certain sizes.

fla fri woodys

Love those Woody Cars

FLa Fri On A stick

Enough said!


Aarron LaDonne and the YNOT gang was out shooting and running around! Love this shot

fla fri motercycle

Back at the show. Vintage Porta potties!. Oh and a motercycle hauling a barrel back. Only in Florida does this make sense

Fla Fri Jon Into

Master model maker Jon Into doing his thing!

FLA FRI Header-1

What a day!

fla fri header 3?

Over The Top, and Over The Top!

FLA FRI Marty bow

We miss you Don Sr! Thanks Marty for the gesture!

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  1. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    29 in NJ. Topped up the windshield squirts. Definitely the wrong place. (This wrong place is a pretty big place!)

    • Old Salt
      Old Salt says:

      I kept meaning to ask matt for kids shirts as well… Maybe “grand kids of…” instead of “sons of…” Shirts.

  2. thomas d.
    thomas d. says:

    it was a good show, what I could see of it. started raining 30 min. after we got there. people started covering their boats. I drove 900 miles to see wood boats. I wanted to check out the finish on miss step, I think it was miss step, but it was covered. it’s only water.

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