Reedville, Bay Harbor, Smith Mountain Lake Classic Boat Shows.

September.. The best boating month of the year. Starting next weekend for us here in beautiful historic Reedville VA we are having our Classic Boat Show Saturday Sept 11. Right now it looks like 30 -35 boats will be there, there is still room for land displays…. Some very nice cruisers, and two very notable boats. A PERFECT freshly restored Chris Craft Rivera from Don Danenberg, a must see..

Down to the correct NOS spark plug wires.. If you are restoring a Rivera, it’s a must see. And those of you that are into steam launches.. The same deal. An amazing steam launch.. It’s insane! Woody Boater will be there with … cough cough.. mmmmm… with a 1962 Sunfish… it’s wood… stop laughing.. I love that little sucker, and no one has ever seen one.. Anyway… Then off to Bay Harbor next week for the big ACBS International shu…. Sylvia will be there and we are looking forward to a wonderful reunion with her in the sparkling blue waters of Michigan. If I can, and I doubt it, and am very disappointed about it, Smith Mountain Lake is that weekend as well.. Ahhhhh, I love that show, and it’s a fun small group of folks that makes the hobby fun. So if you are in the area.. go! .. What a great way to end the summer. Three big nice shows.. And then… The Warner Collection in October… I may explode…

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    And for those folks in the mid-west, the Heartland Classics 17th Annual Mahogany and Chrome Boat Show is October 1-3 on the Grand Lake in Northeastern Oklahoma! Woody Gal with be there with her recently restored Chris Craft 18' Super Sport . . . and I will be there too along with Pumpkin and some 60 other boats! ARRRGH!

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