Reporting Live-ish From Lake Chelan


Sunny weather and perfect water!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Ron Stevenson Randy Meuller and Mike Mayor for reporting in from the Mahogany and Merlot event on Lake Chelan out west. This is a fun annual event that is always a huge hit. This year we are at the show and on the Lake doing the Mahogany part.


Here is a 1947, 25 foot Chris-Craft red and white. “Aknota” is a story full circle. Dick Dow, a.k.a. Mr. Red & White, Is the new owner. It is cut recently powered by a Chrysler Royal. Dick actually helped with the restoration of this some time ago. Dick sold his Red & White some years ago, and has missed it ever since. Will Dick write his story for us?


Mahogany and Craft Beer?


Mike goes out for a sunset cruise. Or is it sunrise?


“Greyhound” owned by Alan and Yvonne Thomle, won Kids Choice! Alan is a boat restorer by trade here in the Pacific Northwest and does some amazing work! Your author has had the pleasure of working a side-by-side with this man, truly, a Van Gogh with wood! 1921 33′ Yandt Gentlemans Runabout.






Beautiful day


Sunrise magic on Lake Chelan


We have seen “Rhubarb” before. At Gull Lake, if nothing else I think they qualified for the furthest distance award. But he did get a Gold Award there. Scott and Patti Mason just got back from Lake Tahoe, with another Gold Award, and did the Sacramento River Delta pre-event. They are still featuring their two week old not-so-fresh real rhubarb display! The only judging we do at Lake Chelan are People’s stories, Ladies choice, and Kids choice. No points or judging for us, we have difficulty counting! Rhubarb won both Peoples Choice and Ladies choice!


The town! 1 horsepower. Lots of Carbs and watch out for the exaust


Century goodness


More setting


All in all, the name of this boat says it all here at 2016 Lake Chelan, Mahogany and Merlot. This is a 1948, 20 foot Chris-Craft Custom. #306. Restored by Pacific Northwest favorite restorer Rob DaPron. The owner has been working on the boat off and on, for 10 years, and it finally made its debut at the Seattle’s Opening Day in May, In conjunction with with the ACBS quarterly meeting. Interior, thanks to Kathy Dow, better half of Dick Dow. This boat maybe you should be named “Ike’s Fault” as Ike Kielgass was the one who found the boat. It actually was able to go more than seven knots here at Lake show land for the first time Friday. What? Why? It spent it’s summer on Lake Union in Seattle where the speed limit is seven knots. I can personally verify that it runs pretty well, and is a very comfortable boat. Full disclosure, Your author is very happy with my new boat!



One more award! Craig Magnusson, ACBS Pacific Northwest Chapter member, the guy who helps everybody with any problem, won “The Butt -In-The-Air Award”. Yes, for helping somebody who needed some little bit of engine work, been there done that! Craig, I know the reward of your efforts thanks so much! – Ron Stevenson


Rear shot!


ohh Canada!


Are we in Europe?

mm21 mm22Here are some Randy shots. Randy brought his Hydro and shows how fun and diverse this event is. It aint just wood and wine thats for sure.


Randy and his little hydro – Randy owns that stunning Matthews Martinique we have featured for years


Race ready!


Great patina


Plastic power on Lake Chelan, So is it Plastic and Pinot?


Love me a painted racer! I wonder how it smells?


Miss? Miss? Oh yeah, Sydney?


Slomohun- What a great name!


OK that wall is an engineering marvel


The setting


mmm, I am having a Dagwood sandwich today for lunch


CENTURY!, I love the painted effects on these.


This boat leaves me??? mmm…mmm3? Nooooo..mmmm


Getting ready


Tollycraft fun. More of a mahogany and table wine


Cool little ski boat


Miss Budwiser and a little chaser!


Getting ready to go


Mahogany magic on lake Chelan. and man oh man Greyhound is one whopper!

Thanks for tuning in today!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Dang my bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. (actually this show has been on the list for a couple of years now)

    Those Hydro’s are insane! Love It!

    I know I have posted this before, but this is my idea of Mahogany and Merlot.

  2. Ron in Seattle back from Chelan
    Ron in Seattle back from Chelan says:

    That darn Mike did not tell you he skipped town Saturday afternoon and went to Leavenworth! It is Bavarian/Swiss themed tourist town about an hour away on Hwy 2. Those pics are not of Chelan! But who cares! It us all fun! Some boat rides, warm weather, nice BIG 55 mile long lake, with Stehekin National Park at the end.

  3. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Beautiful boats!! Even more I enjoy shots where you can see the bottom. I grew up on the Chain-O-Lakes in Northern Illinois, average clarity 3-6 inches, maybe a foot in the spring.

  4. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    I have to admit that looking back over this boating season’s highlights, the May trip out to Seattle and meeting Alan tops the list. We struck up a conversation early in the morning, and he invited be to ride along with his wife, in the “May Opening Day Parade. The locals took us ACBS board members out on their boats while we were out there for the ACBS Quarterly meeting.
    The theme was “The great Escape”, and we played Cops and Robbers. Alan “renamed his boat “BLOOD Hound” for the day!
    After lunch, as everyone headed back, Alan took me for a hour tour of all the local waters. We even stopped by Bill Gates’ place for a drink…
    Thanks Alan, you are a true craftsman, and classic boater. And yes we opened up old Greyhound, and she is FAST, for an old girl.

  5. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    I cannot get over how fact Ike Kielgass works on his boats! “Slomoshun II” was just a stick frame during his April Garage-Mahal tour and now just a few months later it’s a floating, running, hydroplane!! That boat alone makes me really wish I had taken the time off from my new job to go over…

    Next year the bright red “Tupperware” will be back at M&M!!

  6. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    This continues to be a great event and (so far) we have been blessed by the weather gods! Every year we see different boats and meet folks who have put the weekend on their calendars, so there is always interesting boats to see and often they are ones we’ve never seen before. The pre-event in Stehekin has grown as well, so if you are going to come to M&M anyway, add a few extra days and come play up lake with us! Oh, and just to be clear, the guy standing in the Red & White is not Craig Magnusson – I can’t let that go by – he would be insulted! 😉

    • Don Palmer
      Don Palmer says:

      The guy standing in the Red and White is non other than
      Mr Red and White…. Dick Dow.
      Craig is much younger than that! : > )
      Your welcome Craig!

  7. R daley
    R daley says:

    R Daley
    This is a must add to the bucket list of shows.
    Attended ‘ohh Canada’ with a buddy who came all the way
    From New Brunswick Canada for this show
    It has a little bit of everything, Stunning scenery, Great Lake, very friendly
    People and if you are into hydroplanes it couldn’t hardly get better.
    The boat show site was as good as they get.
    Protected docks large vendor area with beer gardens.
    Also classic cars with woodies.
    Now as for mike not only did he skip town in the afternoon
    He wouldn’t sing at the karaoke bar and then blamed a couple of Canadians for why he could not
    Get out of bed till 1030 in the morning and then promptly left town.
    Lastly can’t say enough about Jon and his wife Chris who worked tirelessly thru the whole show.
    Will definitely be back.

  8. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    As another Canadian that attended the show, my wife and I can’t say enough about the friendly people of the Pacific Northwest ACBS chapter. Great people that put on an awesome show!
    We will be back next year.

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