Reporting Live-ish From Meredith, NH – Captain Grumpy & The Grumpettes

The Grumpettes

Captain Grumpy’s daughters – Hilary and Alison on board the 1963 Carver – also known as the “Grumpettes” according to Mom Lee.

Today’s Live-ish report comes to us courtesy of long time fellow Woody Boater Randy Rush (who we know as “Captain Grumpy”) and his wife Lee (who we know as “First Mate Grumptress”) and their daughters Hilary & Alison (who we now know as the “The Grumpettes”).

They are all big time lapstrake fans and what a better place to be this weekend than Meredith, New Hampshire to celebrate the Lyman marque and all things clinker. Here’s their report…

Lyman Twins

Meredith, NH Antique & Classic Boat Show

The 40th annual Meredith, NH Antique & Classic Boat Show was held on Saturday, July 27 amidst the usual bright blue skies and hot July sunshine over Meredith Bay. This year’s featured marquee boat was the Lyman and there were many incredible Lymans, large (such as Frank & Claire Norton’s 31 foot “Seaghost”) and small (Hank & Kathy Why’s 15’ Lyman outboard, “Yum Runner”).


Frank & Claire Norton’s big 31 foot Lyman “Seaghost”

Yum Runner

Hank & Kathy Why’s very cool 15’ Lyman outboard – “Yum Runner”

The show was chaired this year by Scott Robinson, and aside from some early morning classic boat traffic jams, the show ran smoothly and included a generous display of classic cars as well as a “field of dreams” featuring classic boats looking for new owners.

traffic jam 2

Traffic Jam

traffic jam

field of dreams
Highlights of the day included the arrival of the Goedecke family of Bedford, NH with their 2 toy boats, “Bouncing Babe” & “The Lightning”. The Goedecke children, Alison, Jonathan, & Aubrey braved the swells of Lake Winnipesaukee from Moultonborough to Meredith (a good one hour drive) and were crowd favorites all day.

bouncing babe

goedecke 2

goedecke 3

goedecke family

The Goedecke family enjoying the boat show together.

John Hendricks may have won the prize for the longest ride as he traveled from Redford, MI to join the Meredith show for the first time. John was proudly displaying the Lyman, “Mr. C”, which had been his grandfather’s. John rescued this boat from his brother where it had lived under a blue tarp outdoors for six years until he lovingly restored it.

Mr C arrives

Mr C grandson

Mr C poster

The impressive story board of “Mr. C” – presented by Mr. C’s Grandson.

Perennial favorites, “Gray Owl”, “Great Escape”, “Herkananda”, “Vagabond” and “Mary Lou” of Bear Island were on hand for the 40th annual show.

gray owl

great escape


“Herkananda” – Very rare and always a crowd favorite.


Mary Lou

“Mary Lou” of Bear Island… (sounds like a interesting story – Texx)

And of course Captain Grumpy brought his 1963 Carver – “Accolades”…


…and his two lovely daughters, Hilary (right) and Alison (center) – also known as the “Grumpettes.”


grumpettes 2

Final fun note of the day – the little tug, “Seawise”, a 1955 FD Rich tugboat owned by Ted Volpey of Dover, NH.


And also this beautiful 1950 Penn Yann Swift owned by Tom Davenport from Vernon, CT.

Tom Davenport's 1950 Penn Yan Swift
If you would like to see more photos from the 40th annual Meredith, NH Antique & Classic Boat Show this weekend, Captain Grumpy has added a boatload of photos on his Lapstrakes Rule Facebook page, check it out.

Lee Rush

Big Lyman
Thanks to Randy, Lee, Hilary, Alison and the entire Grumpy Family for sharing this Live-ish report with us today.


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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Great report Thanks Captain Grumpy. All these years I thought you were an old weathered sea dog smoking a corn cob pipe with a patch and a wooden leg. Turns out youre a family man with gorgeous kids and a gorgeous boat. Nicely played sir.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Philip – In Captain Grumpy’s photo album I also noticed this nice looking ’84 Century Coronado hardtop at the show… we know how much you love those Century’s.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great report and some really nice boats. We would love to see “Mr. C” at one of our Michigan Chapter shows. It’s a lot shorter drive than NH.

  4. cobourg-kid
    cobourg-kid says:

    Thanks Lee and Randy for the terrific coverage . Had a look at the Facebook album as well .. lots of really neat stuff in there like Mark Mason’s Scotty Two with 1918 Hispano-Suiza 300HP engine and Regina a 1913 Goodhue and Hawkins long decker.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The Grumpettes don’t look grumpy enough to be part of the Grumpy family. Perhaps if you suspend their boating privileges or give them a fouled up carb to fix. How about a Quadrajet? That should turn those smiles into groans in no time!

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