Shhhh, It’s Morning In Tavares Florida!


The calm before the storm!

We are getting started very early this morning to get  set up… “They” started showing up yesterday, and the party here at HQ was just getting started when I felt myself running out of fuel.. Today is the big fun day when all the folks are setting up.. Ya get the first jump on cool parts and deals in the field of dreams…

Nice boats in the Field of dreams this year.. And most of them have yet to show up.

The best part though is getting to see chums that you haven’t seen all winter. Tonight is the big Woodystock party and the boats are going in the water for sure. And best of all.. BEST OF ALL!

You could smell it driving in.. DAM! Thats some good stuff.. Sniff the screen, no really SNNNNNNIIIIIFFFFFFF, oh yeah!

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  1. SS Dave KBL
    SS Dave KBL says:

    Great banners!! Today will be spent putting in baseboard and doortrim and checking the iPad for updates. Today I finish a 2 year addition I built!

  2. Tom Gruenauer
    Tom Gruenauer says:

    Keep posting!!! Need updates!! Can’t be there in person, at least it is 80 degrees in Buffalo, (in March?!?) kinda feeles like Florida!!
    No chicken on a stick, but we got wings!

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Darn.  Left the check book at home.  Well, perhaps that’s a good thing. Can’t buy anything…  But wait, have credit cards!  That might do.  …Maybe not.  Pre-set spending limits.  Darn.  But what’s this?  A bank branch nearby?  And it’s my bank!  Eureka!  Oh.  Low account balances.  That’ll cap my fun down here.  Should have stayed home.  I’VE GOT IT!  My POS rental Camaro!  Anybody know what the market is like in Tavares for a Camaro in a no-questions-asked, here-are-the-keys, cash street deal, with chicken-on-a-stick thrown in so the buyer can munch en route to the nearest chop shop?

  4. Texx
    Texx says:

    Alex – Mike is getting a rental car too, you can have a Shootout… Winner gets all-you-can-eat chicken on a stick.

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