Shhhhhh, Texx Tells Judges Its A Riva…era!

Cyclone in the water for first time in 40 years. The sons of varnish take over Tahoe!

So here we area with a gillion Rivas, and what does Woody Boater bring to the party? A Chris Craft.. Riviara, Rivera, Riverara.. So, here is what we’re thinking. We just call it a Riva…era.. Ya see… During that time, the folks at Chris Craft really liked the Riva’s.. And it was the era of that look, so, the custom design folks created this one of a kind Riva…era. now Texx’s Riva …era has not been in the water for over 40 years. And yesterday was the big day.. Now the only problem is convincing the Tahoe judges. And they look like they have there hands full with just plain old run of the mill Rivas… hey wait one darn minute, thats Texx, as the judge.. Oh I smell a fix! Go Texx go..

Judging can be a daunting job.. OUCH!


CYCLONE – Click to enlarge

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Darn “Paparazzi” caught me off guard!

    In a sea of Rivas here in Lake Tahoe, I was hoping to stay under the radar with “Cyclone”…

  2. John Kadimik
    John Kadimik says:

    Texx, ” CYCLONE ” looks great!! Congratulations on a beautiful restoration job. I know it wasn’t easy at times but you saw it thru and it looks llike a real show winner. Can’t wait for a ride.

  3. m-lion
    m-lion says:

    I know in the US, boats are normally judged at the dock, but my understanding is that in Itally it is traditional that Rivas are only judged when going 60 kilometers per hour or faster. Texx better ask all those owners for their keys so he can “properly evaluate” the restorations.

    Congrats on the Riviera getting wet Texx. Something from the Rivyaairah line or a 20 Custom is always at the top of my “next boat” list. Love the 50’s blondes.

    BTW, got my first box from the woodyboater store yesterday!

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    I love that in the 1st picture with the light hitting him just right you can see Texx’s true self ala “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I guess Texx never turned in his gold coin, but where is the un-dead monkey? Oh by the way nice boat.

  5. Matt B
    Matt B says:


    The boat looks great, congrats. I smell a multi-part Woodyboater post on the restoration of Cyclone. Keep the picures coming for those of us not at a boat show this weekend.

  6. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    good luck with it, an epic struggle to get this boat right and back in the lake is complete. I hope it does well!

  7. dreed
    dreed says:

    Texx, the boat looks awesome!!! Your goal of a 98 pointer is within reach. I cant help it, but I feel a sense of pride in knowing I helped guide you through some questions. Keep the pictures (of Cyclone) coming. We really don’t care about the Riva’s anyway.

  8. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Tex, your Riviera looks perfect. I hope you take home an award from Tahoe. I would love to hear the details of the restoration. Maybe Cyclone can make a trip home to Michigan next year for a boat show. Let me know if you need an Algonac registration.

  9. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Standing here at texx’s boat. A very fine job that pictures don’t totally capture. Destined for a prize I predict.

      • Paul H.
        Paul H. says:

        Special Order- $250, I got one and that was enough – I move it between boats if needed. Should have loaned it out to Texx!

  10. Randy
    Randy says:

    WOW, congratulations Texx!!!!!!! At 40 years you have far surpassed my puny 17-1/2 year ordeal with the Martinique!

    She looks awesome — take a leisurely tour on the lake for me Sunday.

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