Sinking Boat, Transmision Break Down, and Krazy Glue. Just Another Springtime In WoodyBoaterville.

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Phil Jones and the $5 bucket that saved his boat. But not his back.

We were all prepared to do a nice wrap up of a nice weekend in Ohio at the ACBS symposium at the Antique Boat Center. But things during springtime never seem to work out as planned. First. reporting in from Lake Hartwell was the amazing story of Phil Jones and his original Shepard going down. FAST.. Thank god for a 5 gallon bucket and all 6 ft 4 of Phil doing the bailing. You can read the story here.. Fortunately. or not. if you are Phil, Robert Miracle was right there burning up megabytes of images. Amazing stuff. Then late Sunday night. Paul Harrison breaks down in St Louis on the haul home from a month in Florida. The Woody Boater network saved the day, and Paul was back on the road in one day with a new tranny… Wait. No. Transmission.. Although a tranny would make a fun twist to the story.  So. the wrap up on the symposium never got done. Now normally we would not do a wrap up. But I was there and learned a valuable lesson. OK, lots of lessons.. But the biggy was, ya gotta go.. Ya have to be there to pick up on small things. The tiny details and tricks that can’t be captured in a book, or just listening to some old geezer babble on about the way back machine. Ya gotta be there, and try stuff out with that old geezer there.

Don't feel bad. Here is a former ACBS's craftsmanship.. I just happened to be there taking the photo.

Striping deck seams, or using a router to route out deck seams. All seems like scary stuff til you do it.

Fellow classmate Tony. Taking his turn and cleaning out a old deck seam. Tony just got a 30 ft Hacker..

How to load a brush while varnishing.. Look ma, no runs! And finally the mother of all tricks. The use of Krazy ” Super ” Glue. Jesus… This one simple trick can save you thousands. And takes one second.. To bad i can’t tell you about it. You will just have to go to the next seminar… The next one is at Halls on Lake George. This is breaking news as well ans of yet, not on the ACBS web site. Ya heard it here first. Sign up now.. These events book up fast.

I ain't talk'n but I can tell you this. I am ordering a case of this stuff.

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  1. chad
    chad says:

    I heard Phil was go to swim-tow the parade of boats at this year’s International show. Rope in his teeth.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Phil, good to see that you can stand up straight after handling that bucket filled with bilge water so many times. You must have scooped a couple of tons of the stuff.

  3. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Matt, you came awfully close to breaching the non-disclosure agreement Joel made us sign at the symposium at the Antique Boat Center this weekend! Yes, the super glue trick was an amazing feat. Pheat? Feet? Let’s consult the diconary!

    For all those who weren’t in Cinncinnati this past weekend, you really missed something. For all those who haven’t taken advantage of the ACBS’s significant effort to present you with the opportunity to attend one of these symposiums in an area near you, please consider attending one. You will be glad you did. It is amazing how folks with different skill sets and levels of knowledge can articulate in the same session. It may start off with something you know about or have even done yourself, but by the end they open the floor for questions or comments and the discussion becomes priceless. If only for the fellowship with other wooden boat hobbyists it is worth the time and the drive.

    Personally, I’d like to thank Rob Selin and Dick Werner and all of the other ACBS officers who have worked hard to develop the symposium program. Also thanks to Lou Rauh and Dennis Ryan of the Antique Boat Center. The presentations by Joel (staining and varnishing) and Tim and Frank (plank replacement, etc.) were outstanding. Bryan was there and was a great part of the presentation of information as well. And Jeremy’s engine session Sunday was PHENOMENAL.

  4. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    come on…spill it (well at least the trick, not the Krazy glue)…enquiring minds want to know!

    FRANCHINI says:

    The trick is posted on the Antique Boat Center’s Youtube page as well. I stumbled across it a month ago and was amazed!

  6. allen
    allen says:

    I have looked too where is it…month or whatever, now you have us all curious…….good ploy.

  7. matt
    matt says:

    Well, there goes that teaser.. Its all I had, the entire Symposium program will go under now.. DARN YOUTUBE!

  8. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Al there’s no problem standing up, just bending:) Think I should have gone to the symposium at ABC I’ve seen there test tank and it’s not 80 – 140 feet deep.

  9. Bob Miracle
    Bob Miracle says:

    I was happy I was on hand for the second time in 6 months for a boat sinking. I don’t need to record a story like this to sell a few pictures.
    The first time was last year at the Blue Grass show at Lake Dale Hollow in Kentucky. I was there shooting the show by invitation from the Blue Grass show.
    We were getting ready for a ride on the lake when a 16 ft boat went down at the dock. Fast work by the Blue Grass members saved this boat.
    I will be going to the Blue Ridge show at Lake Sinclair in Geogia May 13,14. Bring your boat and I will do a photoshoot for you to get some great shots of your boat at no charge. You can buy the ones you want from my web page. Comming soon.I will be offering down loading my pictures to your computer for a small charge. You can use them for facebook or print them on your own printer.
    Bob Miracle

  10. Jerri
    Jerri says:

    Whoo Hoo! Bob that’s FANTASTIC! I was going to place My order for Hartwell, but decided to order Hartwell, Sinclair and a few from 2009 together. I KNOW you’ll have lot’s of boaters take advantage of that offer. Thanks for the Great transom shot-now we can be in in the next “Transom’ book. See you in a few weeks.


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