Smith Mountain Lake Show Breaks Records! Largest Show Ever!


Heaven On Sunday, owned by Roy McDowell, 1963 18′ Century Sabre

If you missed the fun on Smith Mountain Lake yesterday, you are alone, because many of you came out and had fun riding around on amazing boats and stopping by to say hello. And Hello back. We have a boat load of pictures and some cool video to share.

And of course, the big question. Did we sink at the boat ramp? And yes, if you think I am not going to milk that one until Monday you’re not a regular reader! We will say, it did not go as planned! Miss America IX did not disapoint the crowd with some amazing runs and rides. Charles is a Saint for what he brings to shows. You have no idea what it takes to make this happen.


People’s Choice -Patriot owned by Thomas Quinn, 1940 23′ cc

The show went off with out a hitch and the Volunteers did a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome. With over 60-65 boats, its the largest turnout in the Shows history with a very strong turnout. So a huge congrats to the Smith Mountain Lake Gang for making it all happen. Here is a small bit of the goodness at the lake yesterday, and stay tuned for the big news on the barrel Back Barn find!


Best CC – Partners Choice owned by Lee Hunt, 1955 21′ Capri If you know this boat, its NEVER been in the water, Until NOW!


Phil ” 5 gallon Bucket” Jones amazing Hemi in Purple Haze. WOW! The details on this boat are jaw dropping. More on her later


Phil and his bucket! Ready to help!

Stay tuned for more!



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  1. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    matt, antigue boat center is restoring a 16′ special race boat! they even have it on their home page! give em a call (513) 242-0808 or click their ad on this page

    • Phil Jones
      Phil Jones says:

      I know the end of the real story, and if I don’t get a gazillion dollars in my account by midnight tonight , I’m spilling the rat turds, I mean beans. 🙂

      Thanks to all of the new contestants that participated this year, Hope you felt welcome and hope to see you and your friends again next year.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Stop complaining. At 1/4 throttle she will still whip by Panther at WOT. LOL Thanks for the photos and update. She’s a beauty.

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