Sonofa &^tch! Well. It’s Official, Cleaning Oil In The Bilge SUCKS!

Just part of the mess, I did find this cool shop vac that uses those elcheapo 5 gallon buckets. So you can chuck it all the scum in it

Here I was all happy that I could possibly milk another 2 or three weeks out of boating season. &%^#*@(@)#*$&$ing $^%*&#(()@)*#$(*#R*9!30913damit I had a small oil issue yesterday, I thought it was a rusty oil filter. I have had that issue one before. A little water gets caught in the lip of the oil filter, so it leaks. At least I thought it did. Until today. I changed the filter and cleaned up the mess in the bilge, which was surprisingly a lot of oil. In the end not a ton, but mixed with water it gets all over the place. Jesus how did they clean up the gulf?

I check the bilge everytime I start the motor, this mess happened fast. UGH

This stuff is a mess, anyway, lit the ole 430 up and ran out for a run. DANG! Oil.. So I felt around and the oil line is leaking. Checked the areas were it tightens and they were tight, and dry. The issue is in the bend of the hose. Not a huge issue. But requires a haul out. Not a big issue. But, while its out, might as well finish her off. Do the rest of the stuff needed. Dang it! Oh well. Katz’s marina here I come! Helllo Mr VanNess!

Ya have to reach under and into dark areas of slime. UGH.. Oil all over my arms.. But she is spick and span now, ready for a trip..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    OK, there’s just too many jokes here about blowing a load (of oil) in the bilge. Or was the WoodyBoatress getting even with you for makingsit in the back splashing cold water on her yeaterday? Was she like “Oh I can reach all the way under with my little nail file. Guess he will have time this weekend to clean the shed.”

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Next time, go to your local 7-Eleven 11 and ask them for a jar of of Oleispirea antarctica, or Oceaniserpentilla haliotis, or Thalassolituus oleivorans. These are the little guys that ate up nearly all the BP spill. They liked crude, so the refined stuff you use in that 430 should taste like champaign to them, provided they have taste buds.

  3. Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson says:

    Well Matt, I guess we can officially call you a bilge rat. Wasn’t that fun cleaning up that oily mess, I bet you got oil in places you didn’t think oil could get ! I have had similar fun in Comyf’s bilges. Those guys with the new motors are laughing at us, but we can say with an oily grin we did it ourselves !!! best wishes, Scott

  4. brian t
    brian t says:

    You know (and you can stop laughing now rather than later) but why is it that no one has designed up an engine mounting system that retains the look of our old mounts yet would allow for the engine to be tilted over to one side, after disconnecting a few bits like the exhaust and driveshaft, to allow access to the area underneath the engine.

    Completely removing the engine etc etc make little sense unless you are planning a full blown restore or engine replacement.

    I would love to have access just by tilting the engine over to spruce up the bilge paint or to clean up a mess like described above.

  5. Dreed
    Dreed says:

    Serves you right. I spent the weekend scraping wallpaper paste off the wall, and was jealous about your boat ride yesterday.

  6. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Ha that’s nothing!! I took the engine out and it started a global search for ‘ Heads of mass construction.’
    The bilge is clean but the engine is still out of the boat .
    Matt that’s a very cool header photo. Love it.

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    If you use auto grade filters and even scratch them with the oil filter wrench when final tightening…those scratchs will soon leak in salt environment….rust is hell.

    John in Va.

  8. TomT
    TomT says:

    Hey I was aboard the USS Kittyhawk for over 5 years and a SNIPE. I”ll show you some bilges, Quit your whinning!!

  9. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Hi Matt,

    For what it’s worth, the last time we ran the Tolly and I did the after-run check I found a quantity of oil in the bilge next to the stb motor that is probably from the same source – likely a fatigued or cracked oil line – in this case going up to the filter on the “Q”. Hoses to be sized and built soon for both motors unless I can access another oil pressure point, then I will get rid of the remote filter setup entirely. – No fun –

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