Sons Of Varnish Indiana Chapter Shows Off Their Varnish Jobs

Lil Suzy oh how I miss her. It’s great to see her again.

A huge thanks to David Shepler of Moms Mink fame and now Sons Of Varnish Indiana Chapter Top Brusher. Okay we need titles for the gangs. Like Brush Boy? Thats for the new guys. Flow for a lady member. They can have Roll and Tip partys. Rock and roll and tip toeing? No? Ya, maybe not. Either way David shared some images from last weekends show. Starting with Thursday!

A day on the lake.

Love this.

Starting to really love these hardtops

I think every shot of Jeff is the same. What amazing lines!

What a great summer day for a ride

Thursday Lake Wawasee In. we had 8 or 10 boats  that day we toured the lake then had lunch at The Channel Marker. While there we were each able to give a little history of our boats.

And then I installed another 100 screws, but not just any screws, they were NOS screws I found from…….

And then I found some more NOS screws on ebay and polished each one, Oh and then I found a box of screws at a garage sale in Cleveland. I offered 5 bucks for an entire box! Actually all kidding aside, this was a great idea! And should be part of any show and a great suggestion by Captain Bob that they met there

Friday  They did a tour of Lake James & connecting lakes then had lunch at floating restaurant on the lake. I think they had 20 boats that day.

What a perfect day

The Actual Boat show was well attended. 5 thousand visitors, 75 boats on land & water, and 100 Classic Cars & Campers.

Crafts for the Kids to paint.

Nancy McBride at the registration desk her husband Mike built? Hospitality Tent.If  I spelled it right I was told this was a rare boat (Trusculleez)? This is Davids Comment

Moms Mink

Thats where all my Joy in life has gone.


A very sweet Aristo Craft. I love these little monsters. And the family behind them. HERE IS A LINK TO THE ARISTO CRAFT WEBSITE!

Lets get some of those beautiful dock shots going.

Where was Chad?

Cool little mahogany machine. Okay what is that? I should know, I am the Woody boater after all. Is this the Trusculleez? David was talking about. 


Bottom line a great show. Put together by Mike & Nancy McBride with help from a lot of others. Pre-events were planed by Dave Saxon.

And then Captain Bob found some more screws in an old hardware store, he said they were reed and prince screws and totally different that fearsons screws. And I said just use philips heads, and that when Bob lost it. Oh boy, I guess that ruins his Christmas present this year. I am just going to get him some drywall screws.


Now that is a report. We all get it, and I got to make up the captions. AND A BONUS, there are about 10 Sons Of Varnish Indiana T’s available. I think David has them. Here is Davids email. Oh boy, I will take the email down after a day or so as to protect it.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow, looks like it was a good time. If they do the pre-event cruises again next year we may make the trip down there. Thanks Dave and Matt for the great report!

    BTW, Mom’s Mink is looking great, as always.

  2. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Just scored this Aristocraft 9-Teen! 1972 with the sliding hard top. And you are right about the family. Always ready with parts and answers.

  3. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.
    Shep on Lake Shafer IN. says:

    Thanks Matt! Are you ok?? Rambling on about screws?
    Yes I have some tee’s left if anyone wants one.
    I guess Greg is a better salesmen than I am. Ha!
    Sorry I missed the Algonac show. I probably would have been in Reedville with Art also?
    Greg I will make sure we get you the info on the per-event
    cruises for next year also.
    Yes the second to last boat pictured was a Trusculleez?

  4. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    It was indeed a great show, it gets better every year. Thanks to McBrides and the many volunteers…and of course Dave for arranging the WB shirts…a big hit. I have mine. Perfect weather to boot!

  5. BT
    BT says:

    I was on the Aristo Craft website, stumbled across this great photo and I thought that Matt might have a good caption for it.

  6. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    That’s a boatload of vendor tents and some cool canned hams (vintage RV trailers), which makes for an interesting mix.

  7. Big Al
    Big Al says:

    WOW! It was a great show. SUPER FRIENDLY Staff/Volunteers from parking to the Hospitality tent.
    I went with the Wife and Granddaughter, both of them LOVED the boat painting! So a BIG THANKS to all involved in that!
    They sat and painted while I was able to visit boats and ask questions. Also perfect weather that day.

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