Special Bulleitn. Live From Gravenhurst ACBS Annual Meeting.

We interrupt our daily story on classic boats to bring you live images from fellow Woody Boater Capt Jim Shotwell of this years Annual ACBS meeting up in Canada… it’s a week long celebration of Antique & Classic boats. . Here are shots from the Boat House tour.. OMG!

Chris Smith and his one of a kind Sea Skiff ..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I and down to the third posting and I am just about dizzy. What a gathering of boats. What is the boat in the seond shot outside of the boathouse?

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    matt & Anon-

    That is indeed a Greavette Stereamliner, built between the mid-'30's until the early '50's in limited numbers. I would say it is likely a 24' version. Someone with better knowledge than I can fill in more, such as narrowing down the year of this one, but they are all stunning.

    I had the pleaser of riding in a 24' 1937 Greavette Custom triple cockpit, which in my view is a slightly crisper design but retains many of the Streamliner's main design cues. I rode in it for the two days and was just blown away, not only the looks of the boat, but the ride and perfomance. If you are patient, about $150k will get a very nice 24' Sreamliner, more for concours. The Custom I rode in is in the value stratosphere (even beyond the regular Streamliners), like many of the boats we saw. Wish I could provide more specifics for you.


  3. Donald
    Donald says:

    I have to say that the international show was a fabulous show this year. It is so nice to see my old Cobra doing well in Muskoka.

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