SPECIAL REPORT: Satellite May Fall On ACBS Show This Afternoon! Please Be Mindful!

Here is the NASA image of the old Spy satellite that is breaking up and falling to earth..

We interrupt… well nothing actually…. do not panic.. The real news is reporting that a used up spy satellite thats up there is coming down.. The old, what goes up must come down rule.. Well, so why are we reporting on this topic.. Well, its made from aluminum.. And well, there appears to be a large number of aluminum objects already on Geneva Lake this weekend.. Not sure if by chance one more chunk of aluminum may want to show off, so just keep an eye out..or above.. In the mean time, enjoy the cool Chris Craft trailer brought by the cool folks at Wooden Runabout Co, and Chads cool feather cradt..

Wooden Runabout Companies cool portable office!

Chads Cool Feathercraft.. Dang! I hope the satellite does not fall on that..

Tin Can is running around as well.. Be careful though.. And if it does land on your friends boat. PLEASE send photos.. We now return to our regular programming..UPDATE…. Parts already must be falling.. This was just spotted at the show..


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    • Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo says:

      I’m calling today. I think they have a space junk rider for my policy. My titainium mooring cover should provide adequate protection anyway.

  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    If it falls softly it will end up in the auction on Sunday.

    I can hear the auctioneer practicing from where I am right now… “Space Fresh” (like Wisconsin farm fresh) satellite, needs nothing, all original, only driven to Mars on Sunday by a little old lady… some minor burning from re-entry but other than that…

  2. brian
    brian says:

    The Circle of Life…

    According to NASA, the odds of a person on the earth being struck by a chunk of the space junk is 1 in 3200. The odds for you specifically being struck by a chunk of the falling junk is 1 in 21 trillion. The odds that space junk will land on your woody boat is about 1 in 400 billion trillion, unless you are Matt or Paul H and then, well the odds are back to 1 in 3200.

    (I wonder what happened to their trucks by the way – trees falling and drivelines a snappin.)

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